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  1. NYLON & Red Cettu BTS here - TOMARU BTS here - NBA Style Korea NBA 2016 SS model TWICE Greeting ment movie here - 160223 MBC Live Radio 160227 Seoul Arts College Entrance Ceremony 160227 JYP Fina Round Auditions
  2. ELSWORD via: TWICE_GLOBAL - TWICE 1st mini album 100일 기념 팬사인회 안내 http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/1 TWICE & ONCE 100 Days http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/2 KBS We are Siblings 160129 Bon Bon Olympic Filming 160201 Muscle Queen Filming
  3. You are not alone - TWICE X SKOOLOOKS 160111 Gimpo Airport 160113 Skoolooks Event 160115 KBS National Idol Singing Contest (filming) 160119 KBS Open Concert 160121 GDA And oh! Congratulations~ Congratulations~ Congratulations TWICE for winning Golden Disk New Artist Award!!! Yuuhuu!
  4. Ashdghgfl... your first sentence almost gave me heart attack. I thought I really did something wrong. Ah.. thank you. I thought this thread is invisible or something.
  5. This picture gave me heart attack. Like 'Gasp! Chae!' haha No HQ yet :( But it's okay, Chaeyoung's beauty already high quality. =] cr: flawless_april
  6. Thanks! I'll try to keep posting hehe _ [CF] Elsword 151222 151225 cr: Studio Parn 151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) 151227 SBS Gayo Daejun 151230 SAF Special Stage TWICE X INNISFREE Happy New Year, everyone! There is this post on Pann. Netizens discuss idol who doesn’t know she’s beautiful via Koreaboo Although TWICE is known for being a group made of visuals, netizens are convinced that member Jungyeon doesn’t know how beautiful she really is. In a recent interview, the JYP Entertainment rookie admitted that she doesn’t find herself beautiful, causing many fans to try to convince her that she is. A post on Pannshowing just how beautiful the rookie idol is has gained a lot of attention online, with many positive responses. Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below! In an interview, she admitted that she doesn’t look pretty when she smiles, and therefore she doesn’t consider herself pretty. I hope she realizes how pretty she really is In the interview, she also said that she was envious at the other members’ looks, and that she felt she didn’t fit in. Cameras really don’t capture her beauty, so she doesn’t realize how pretty she is. What a waste She says she doesn’t think she looks good she smiles, so she’s always making silly facesㅠㅠ But she’s actually really prettyㅠㅠ I hope she realizes that she’s really pretty Her cuteness and awkwardness are charmingㅠㅠ She has the type of face that I really like NETIZEN REACTIONS Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published. [+ 107, – 0] I think it’s probably because her sister is Gong Seung Yeon and she’s super gorgeous. She probably grew up hearing that her sister is so beautiful. She may look strong but she’s a very delicate girl [+ 84, – 3] She’s really pretty….honestly she looks gorgeous if her hairs a bit longer. [+ 61, – 5] I think she would look ridiculously gorgeous if her hair was a bit longer. Source: Pann TWICE x HIGH CUT HIGH CUT . cr: 505mono TWICE X Sudden Attack 160107 MCountdown & Mini Fanmeeting 160109 MuCore & Mini Fanmeeting 160110 Airport So guys.. uhm guys...? Ahhh... I'm going solo. Why? Is it because there aren't many Jeongyeon stans here or did I do something wrong? Should I keep posting pictures?
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cr: jjangyeon Here it is, guys. Let's share all about Jungyeon here. Everything about her that you want other to see or things you want to say about Jungyeon. Because, what's more fun than spazzing? It's spazzing together! Don't you think so? cr: Yuplus cr: BlackPaint cr: Yuplus Let's love Jungyeon and go crazy over her together! cr: Yuplus Come on, let's go! cr: jjangyeon
  8. thesky

    [UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

    Thank you so much for the list! =]
  9. thesky

    [GAME] The Ctrl + V Thread

    151124 Snoopy Movie
  10. thesky

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    This one, this is my most favorite picture of Nayeon so far. Credit to the owner. *I don't know the owner of this picture. I saw it in my tl, they said it was a selca from a fan's phone.
  11. Look at her, just look at her, man! 


    What you do to me, YJY?