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  1. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    All of them!!!!!
  2. hbd wolf :sn-sparkle:

    hope you have lots of nice nightmares

  3. Happy birthday!!

    I haven't seen you on the forum recently, but I hope you'll become active again soon.


  4. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #HEARTSHAKER

    Give me both
  5. LonelyWolf

    The year after.

    Plz I am the most innocent wolfie that you have ever seen
  6. LonelyWolf

    Ermm hi everyone, I'm new here

    Omg, hi everyone its Wolfie's 1 year anniversary (well it was supposed to be yesterday but totally forgotten about it Sooooo.... to begin this off....it seems that this is a thing now sooo just going to follow everyone else hehehe xD. Well first of all, for those that don't know me, my name is LonelyWolf a.k.a Wolfie - yes you guessed it, it's totally my real name btw. I've been a fan of twice ever since sixteen started but went afk on twice afterwards. I finally became interested in twice again a few days before their 3rd comeback TT which I joined the forum as well. I was hesitant in joining TTF as I lurked around the forum for like 5 days cause I was just shy and scared as I'm not the type of people that would go on forums and how to interact I think it took me like two hours or more to write my introduction and lurked around the chatbox a couple of days before typing and talking to everyone. As time went on, I became comfortable with everyone and the forum. I started to post more in the threads and had fun conversations with everyone like @Zeba @syko (bomilover) @Kh3ngboon @Ooh-Ahh (meanie) @StylishDoge @nayeonlover (traitor) @tzuXhybudget (senpai) and everyone else that I have forgotten about. Since I have joined TTF, a lot of things has changed. The chatbox has gone away then came back then removed forever; we have said goodbye to some of the staffs and amazing members and welcome new ones as well. At the same time, Twice has grown a lot and made four comebacks (soon to be five hehe) and became the nation's girl group (social media said this, wasn't me). I am proud of them for what they have achieved so far and wished that they achieved ever more into things that they didn't dream of. I'm happy that all of us onces can share the experience, joy and love for them. The past year have been fun and filled me with lots of memories and moments that I won't forget and will cherished. As time goes on, I've interacted a lot of people more than I could have thought of and made some great friends *wink* *wink* (you know who you are). For members that I have never gotten to know about and talked too or maybe if you just lurk around the forum, I'm happy that you are here as the things that you bring to TTF and maybe one day we can talk and share our experience and become friendly with each other Also experienced heaps of triggering moments like the fun egg hunts . There have been ups and downs, times where everyone gets angry, sad, disappointed, overjoy and relieve but we all came together and managed to go through somehow. This is getting long now, I should end it soon . Additional thank you for everyone that helped me and get me out of my comfort zone. You fam have given me a lot of guidance and I am grateful for your hardwork and effort. I hope that everyone and new members will continue on to grow TTF and the community itself. Well, thanks for celebrating my 1 year anniversary and reading this entire story or speech (or whatever may you want to call it xD) But in truth and all, this year has changed me a lot and TTF was a big part of that change. Well I'm looking forward to spending more time here with everyone and meeting new members and people. Thank you everyone and TTF, love you all.
  7. LonelyWolf

    [GAME] Have you ever?

    Yes. PogChamp Have you ever been suspended.
  8. :mn-tea: As you might have notice...don't think a lot of you fam noticed tbh but I haven't been on lately...:ny-wut: yea you guessed it right, I'm off TTF now soooo it might be a while until i show up again.:dh-heh:Have fun without me 

    Til next time :jy-flee:

    *leaving this here in case some of you fam haven't found out xD*

     next comeback revealed?

    1. Zaito


      See you soon :ny-chu:

    2. StylishDoge


      :ny-look: they're Hinting at new content already?!

  9. Since I saw that I was getting troll on my recent status update (my email notification told me). To make sure that I'm not going to be troll again :ny-wut: You know who u *cough* *cough* zebby, syko and boon. I'm going away for a while (a.k.a a few months) :mn-tea: cya b's, have fun without me :sn-pew: also try to find a new lonely person while i am away:jy-flee:

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    2. StylishDoge


      :ny-pout: Have fun on your Hiatus I guess... TTF's is down one canine :mn-pout: 

    3. MyiMina
    4. syko


      I just said bye to you how is that trolling :dh-wut: cya :c

  10. :mn-tea: its nearly time... :cy-lol:

    1. Kh3ngboon


      To play tidehunter :jy-jks: 

  11. 7b0068aca81cbdc3b3930d745f55319614843136

    :jh-cheer: Omg I loved it....This movie :ny-tt: I cry 

    :mm-argh: Let me watch it again :mm-pdnim:

  12. Happy Ching Chong New year people....ermmmm I meant Happy Chinese New Year and happy birthday (to me xD) :congrats::lhl-lol:

    1. syko


      ayy happy birthday wolf :mn-eh::congrats: 

    2. Riku


      :jy-jks: Happy Birthday wolf you troll :jy-cutie:

    3. KruKKi


      Happy birthday wolf!! :ny-soju: