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  1. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    All of them!!!!!
  2. hbd wolf :sn-sparkle:

    hope you have lots of nice nightmares

  3. Happy birthday!!

    I haven't seen you on the forum recently, but I hope you'll become active again soon.


  4. LonelyWolf

    The year after.

    Plz I am the most innocent wolfie that you have ever seen
  5. LonelyWolf

    [GAME] Have you ever?

    Yes. PogChamp Have you ever been suspended.
  6. :mn-tea: As you might have notice...don't think a lot of you fam noticed tbh but I haven't been on lately...:ny-wut: yea you guessed it right, I'm off TTF now soooo it might be a while until i show up again.:dh-heh:Have fun without me 

    Til next time :jy-flee:

    *leaving this here in case some of you fam haven't found out xD*

     next comeback revealed?

    1. Zaito


      See you soon :ny-chu:

    2. StylishDoge


      :ny-look: they're Hinting at new content already?!

  7. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SIGNAL

    I will take all 3 of them thanks in advance
  8. Since I saw that I was getting troll on my recent status update (my email notification told me). To make sure that I'm not going to be troll again :ny-wut: You know who u *cough* *cough* zebby, syko and boon. I'm going away for a while (a.k.a a few months) :mn-tea: cya b's, have fun without me :sn-pew: also try to find a new lonely person while i am away:jy-flee:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. StylishDoge


      :ny-pout: Have fun on your Hiatus I guess... TTF's is down one canine :mn-pout: 

    3. MyiMina
    4. syko


      I just said bye to you how is that trolling :dh-wut: cya :c

  9. :mn-tea: its nearly time... :cy-lol:

    1. Kh3ngboon


      To play tidehunter :jy-jks: 

  10. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ April Fools 2017

    Why not change everything related to twice to bts....(aka like the twitter...that I might have suggested in the chat)
  11. 7b0068aca81cbdc3b3930d745f55319614843136

    :jh-cheer: Omg I loved it....This movie :ny-tt: I cry 

    :mm-argh: Let me watch it again :mm-pdnim:

  12. LonelyWolf

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #KNOCKKNOCK

    #KnockKnock plz
  13. Happy Ching Chong New year people....ermmmm I meant Happy Chinese New Year and happy birthday (to me xD) :congrats::lhl-lol:

    1. syko


      ayy happy birthday wolf :mn-eh::congrats: 

    2. Riku


      :jy-jks: Happy Birthday wolf you troll :jy-cutie:

    3. KruKKi


      Happy birthday wolf!! :ny-soju: