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  1. Ling

    oh my god happy belated birthday!!! :congrats: 

  2. Ling

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #HEARTSHAKER

    #HeartShaker - Logo please awards senpai-nim
  3. yep it's a risk i completely agree with that. But it doesn't mean harassing is granted though
  4. anyone could change their age casually and no one would find out because it's the internet. if a user harassed another user within the forums then the admins will take action. DM is private, but it's still within TTF grounds. You might say it's the user's fault for uploading and he/she 'asking for it' but what I think is that if the thread is used for everyone to enjoy then it's completely alright, but if someone tries to take advantage to harass people, then that's not the original uploader's fault.
  5. Ain’t the first time the same person has done this. And I remember this user is already banned for similar reasons before right? As OA suggested, either set the limit to 100 posts minimum to post or just lock the thread. People seem to just not appreciate nice things.
  6. Ling

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #LIKEY

    awards senpai bless me with this pls
  7. Ling

    Twice - Likey Dance Cover

    !!! looks really goood
  8. Ling

    A year of mixed emotions

    haha yis one year of my self depreciation jokes
  9. Ling

    A year of mixed emotions

    Thanks for the wishes, guys
  10. just dropped a new topic in a long time lol drop by when you have time :ny-chu: 

  11. I might be 6 days late, but it's a year since I joined Team Twice Forums! I have made a lot of new friends throughout the year, made good memories, it's all thanks to this platform that made me be more expressive about my fanboying. A lot of friends I met here left, and certainly a lot of newer members joined, I hope to know all of you that I haven't met yet (I'm a resident lurker on TTF discord so say hi to me when you see me lol) , and I love you guys. Special thanks to @tzuXhybudget and @WhiteBlue who was the first friends I got to know here through the disappeared shoutbox, they have treated me like a long time friend although I have just joined the fandom. Thanks to @Kh3ngboon, @Riku, @Frozenrawr and @<3TzuNaMi who I met up in real life to have a meal and talk about everything and anything. Thanks to @Planks who always talked harsh to me through public chat but is really warm in PMs, supported me throughout the things happen in and out of the fandom, and being a sponsor for my copy of Overwatch lol I REALLY LOVE YOU Thanks to @Myobu which became my mentor about life inside the fandom and outside the fandom, and about people everywhere. She tells me it's okay to feel bad and feel sad about things and try to be positive about it. She might be not active here anymore, but my appreciation for her will never decrease. Thanks to @Zeba who always gave me bright responses no matter what I typed into the chat. She stays up way too late to talk to us from the other timezones, I really appreciated that She has the best personality, literally (so get to know her, guys!!!) Thanks to @syko who put up with my unintentional typo of her username into skyo, and he's a really friendly person that talks to me about Sana all the time, heh! Also a fellow lurker on the defunct shoutbox, we had way too much memories there lol Thanks to @Palace who trusted me and always told me about his personal stories and showed his performances at school (REALLY GOOD) A very nice friend :D Thanks to @Ooh-Ahh that always cheers me up in the shoutbox, tells me about his experiences in life, and tells me about how can I deal with things that I shouldn't have done it alone. The list could go for a very long if I mentioned every member out here, so thanks to all of you that I have met throughout the year I'm in Team Twice Forums. I might be not be as active as I once was in the forums, but I promise I will stay around for long. Thanks guys for the great year and here's to more years ahead!
  12. Ling

    Palace 1st Anniversary

    grats palace!!!