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The Story Begins
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  1. Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    @Akira_TWICE Welcome! I'm from Sarawak as well which part are you from?
  2. are also the tzu.mo from IG? 

    1. tzu.mo


      uh no. but i made the name first.

    2. momobee


      ah okay i see , I thought you are the same person also

  3. Twice's fanbase is 0-nce
  4. TTF Countries Thread

    MY represent [emoji1157] | BN represent [emoji1057] etzu
  5. What Does Your Username Mean?

    Tzu.mo Tzuyu + Momo [emoji23] et
  6. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    lmao i'm in the search for malaysians. ay guys
  7. i prefer to say her name in chinese tho since i'm chinese lmao
  8. Nayeon - 998 Jungyeon - 1000 Momo - 1000 Sana - 999- Jihyo - 998 - Mina - 999 - Dahyun - 999 - Chaeyoung - 1000 Tzuyu - 999
  9. Heyyy guys! I haven't seen any Malaysian thread so I'm gonna start one~ Firstly, I'm from the land of the Hornbils all the way from the east. I'm a sone, pink panda and a sayA as well. Where are you all from?