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Cupcake Cupid

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  1. [DISCUSSION] Serious questions you would ask TWICE

    I want to know momos workout routine too honesty
  2. Sorry I was gone I forgot about ttf btw 

    whats your favorite song at the moment 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Hey brand new guuuuuurl~~~

    3. syko


      Amber :mm-wow: 

      rn prolly Platform Syndrome by Scandal

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      Heyyyy! Welcome back hahahha :sn-hi:

      I'm so into Seventeen's Don't wana cry and Momoland's bboom bboom :ny-yes:

      But no one can change my likeness to Twice! :ny-nono:

  3. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  4. I miss you, where did you go?


    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      Aww I missed talking with u 2 :ny-rawr:

    2. Phebe


      MY LOVELY CHILD HELLO :ty-peek:


    Welcome to ttf enjoy!
  6. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    Never have their merch would you rather be bffs with Momo or dahyun
  7. [GAME] First Word You Think Of

  8. [GAME] Corrupt a wish

    Granted but people will treat you badly i wish sm will debut their trainees
  9. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Your Favorite Twice Song Instrumental

    Kpop:TT Jpop:one more time
  10. [GAME] Have you ever?

    No have you ever watched an eclipse
  11. What’s your most and least favorite twice sobg favorite:likey least: signal
  12. I love her violet hair she’s as cute and pretty even now
  13. Signal Cover


    I love it fits so well
  15. [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Heejin , Shin, Hyunjin dreamcatcher