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  1. How you've been? Lol

    1. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      I've been OK trying to diet and my family wants to move with them to Arizona in five days

    2. Palace


      Ahh I see~, do you want to chat in the chat box? I think is faster LMAO 


    OK, last night was so funny!:hahaha: I was watching

    TwiceTV and my brother, (The one who called Twice Chinese):hmph:  asked me if I knew the names of the members??????:twice-smile: So I say of Nayeon, :ny-rawr:Cheayeon,:cy-fab: Tzuyu.:ty-balloon:  Then he interrupts me.:jy-idts: " All I hear is silverware dropping," said he. so, I laugh and dismiss his racist comment and move on.:ty-notbad:The next member I named was Dahyun,:dh-wink: Then he interrupts me once more:no: and he is laughing so hard.:sn-lol: "Dahyun?" said he as he gripped the counter barely able to stand, "that's a pot hitting the floor":dh-oh: I was so angry at his racism :dh-srs:but oh goodness it was too funny!! :mm-pdnim:Now thanks to him every time I see of Dahyun, I think of a pot hitting the ground and the sound it makes.:dh-yas:


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    2. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      Sometimes he is too much for me well! 

    3. syko


      lol gangnam style :ny-lol: I remember first listening to that a few years ago, and all my friends liked it but I hated it with passion :ny-look:

    4. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      me too I never liked the song:mm-pdnim: but I love daddy by Psy:cy-fab: lol I love it because I look just like my father:sn-lol: I hate that i look like my father:dh-srs: !!!!!!

  3. Lord have mercy on America :sn-tt:

    1. syko
    2. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      :sn-lub:Thanks this is going to be so hard to deal with :mm-wut: we need help this is too crazy:sn-shock:

  4. I know it's late (Well... it is here) :cy-fab:but I want to say goodnight to all the onces, and sorry I wasn't online today lol; :my-bad:I missed quite A bit. It has also been 24 hours or more since I was introduced to Shinee by @palace !!! Thank you, :jh-myheart:my two new favorite songs by them are odd eye and lovesick :sn-lub:<3 There are only a few things on this earth I love more than finding more good music, and friends:love: once more good night to all,:sleep: even though it is late AF:dh-wut:

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    2. syko


      :sn-shock: in Ladies Code, I meant :mn-hehe:

    3. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      I so super stupid:ny-soju: I have no bias I refuse to learn names, or have a bias.:ny-nono:  it would hurt too much more knowing who is gone.:mm-cry:  I am nearly 100 % my secret fave is gone:jh-pout:

    4. syko


      ah I see :sn-sparkle:I understand why :mm-shy: that sucks if your fav is gone :(

  5. Going to bed in too much pain I need to rest :jy-kiss:smooches and goodnight <3

    1. syko


      night virginia! :sleep::sn-hi:

    2. Riku


      Nites Virginia :satzu-kiss::sleep:

  6. Last night I let my brother use my laptop and he saw the 'Twice on Crack':dh-icb: youtube videos I watch. He sat there and watched a few, and by the time he was done he was laughing so hard.:sn-lol: he comes up to me and says :jy-hmm:"Virginia............... those Chinese girls are out of control" I could barely stop laughing at him to let him know China and Twice don't go together. like AT ALL. Then today while I'm texting my dad :dh-wut:(the one who grounded me from k-pop) and I told him I still listen to k-pop. Because what is he gonna do, I'm 18 and on a different side of the country than him.:mn-shades:Then he says the craziest thing to me. he says "Korean music is  BOMB"!!!

    I'm just Thinking to myself dad go crawl in a pit or something :jy-no:you owe me three years of my life back.:mn-judging::no:

    1. Palace


      :ty-lol: Is your dad into kpop now haha, what about your bro? 

    2. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      If my dad is I am going to talk about him!!!!!!!:ty-err: But I don't think my brother is:cy-fab:

  7. Going to bed with a warm heart <3 <3 <3 :mm-heart:Love to all the onces,:cy-hug: and peace to the fan war:sn-lub:

  8. That moment when you work hard on something :jy-cute:and pick a favorite:ty-err: and it's the least liked.:ty-eek: Lmao, XD I am not as good as I thought I was. I need to work harder, and change that!!!!!:mm-wut:

  9. New Fan Art posted up!!! :mm-ballet:go vote on it. :ty-please:New art coming soon with members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ny-tough:

  10. Last night I was making a healthy dinner and one of my brother's friend's asked what it was because it smelled so good.:ny-nice: I told him what it was; A VEGGIE BURGER LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!:sn-lol: He said it smelled like a spicy steak lol.:mn-gasp: But I can assure you it sure does not taste that way. LMAO!!!!!!:jy-no:

  11. I have been waiting so long for my check and it is here YAY:mm-ballet:. I am no longer BROKE I am so happy right now.:ty-balloon:

  12. What time is it? it's time to VOTE!!! LMAO Fan Art is up

  13. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Creating NEW Fan Art!!!!!:ny-tough:Get READY TO VOTE !!!!!!:sn-ay:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Hint in the colors

  14. I have some great news,:dh-oh: but it comes with A story so bear with me.:jy-ooh: I recently had surgery on the 5th of October, and I had complications and was put into a world of pain and no doctor could tell me what was wrong.:cy-tt: Turns out when they closed me up they didn't put my belly button back right.:mm-ehh: so now I am the proud owner of an outie XD!:jy-derp: Now even though fixing this is considered cosmetic, they will do it for free because they did it. to me. :dh-yas:All I have to do is heal and I will be getting surgery again to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      When I was born I had a hernia in my belly button, so I was born with an innie / outie.:mm-pdnim: when I had it repaired the first time I was given an innie. :mm-jjang:since I had another hernia just recently they messed it up sort of. :dh-tt:I have owned three different types of belly buttons:dh-icb:

    3. Palace


      :cy-omo:  You owned three different types of belly buttons. Thats pretty cool. :cy-heart:

    4. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      I know, it's unique! :cy-lol: and a bit odd.:sn-ay: lol. But I'm trying to be positive even though I will have to get more surgery!!!!!!!!!!!:ty-onemil: