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  1. I have some great news,:dh-oh: but it comes with A story so bear with me.:jy-ooh: I recently had surgery on the 5th of October, and I had complications and was put into a world of pain and no doctor could tell me what was wrong.:cy-tt: Turns out when they closed me up they didn't put my belly button back right.:mm-ehh: so now I am the proud owner of an outie XD!:jy-derp: Now even though fixing this is considered cosmetic, they will do it for free because they did it. to me. :dh-yas:All I have to do is heal and I will be getting surgery again to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      When I was born I had a hernia in my belly button, so I was born with an innie / outie.:mm-pdnim: when I had it repaired the first time I was given an innie. :mm-jjang:since I had another hernia just recently they messed it up sort of. :dh-tt:I have owned three different types of belly buttons:dh-icb:

    3. Palace


      :cy-omo:  You owned three different types of belly buttons. Thats pretty cool. :cy-heart:

    4. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      I know, it's unique! :cy-lol: and a bit odd.:sn-ay: lol. But I'm trying to be positive even though I will have to get more surgery!!!!!!!!!!!:ty-onemil: