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  1. I know it's late (Well... it is here) :cy-fab:but I want to say goodnight to all the onces, and sorry I wasn't online today lol; :my-bad:I missed quite A bit. It has also been 24 hours or more since I was introduced to Shinee by @palace !!! Thank you, :jh-myheart:my two new favorite songs by them are odd eye and lovesick :sn-lub:<3 There are only a few things on this earth I love more than finding more good music, and friends:love: once more good night to all,:sleep: even though it is late AF:dh-wut:

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    2. Palace


      :jy-stress: I'll be in the chat box. *poof*

    3. syko


      i like all of their songs too much:sn-shy: Sojung is my bias, who's yours? hi palace :P

    4. Virginia Watts

      Virginia Watts

      Kim dahyun:dh-wink: all day lol she is my spirit sisters

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