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  1. I’m back😘

    1. sacheol-21stC
    2. chaerrybear


      welcome back yeongieee! it's been a while :jy-suprise:

  2. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    Both pls
  3. We miss you so much~

    Hope you come back to visit! :ty-fingerheart:

    1. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

      ♡Gucci Kuma♡

      I’m back,kekeke 



  4. Happy birthday!! :ny-soju:

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    Image result for jungkook birthday gif


    1. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

      ♡Gucci Kuma♡

      oh ma god! gomawo~:ny-yes::ny-chu:


  5.   (checks if has money)  :ny-look: I'm broke...:ny-pout::ty-tt:lol

  6. happy b~day!:ny-chu::mm-heart::sn-lub::dubchaeng-kiss:

    lots of hugs and kisses for chu~


    1. ssinz7


      Thank You!!! :sn-lub:

  7. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [PIC] 180202Twice x Camila / Candy Pop

  8. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [PIC] 180203 Twice @ Haneda - Gimpo Airport

    so pretty~
  9. i do it, and i would like to post it, jk
  10. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

  11. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [GAME] Rate the M/V above you

    10/10 - She is my favorite solo singer