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      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   12/30/2017

      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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  1. changed my name to gucci kuma


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Plume


      I like it!:mm-jjang: Great name. I guess you're Yeongie:mm-heart:

    3. ♡Gucci Kuma♡
    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      I forgot who is this until I saw your about me hahahah :sn-lol:

  2. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    group member would you rather have kuma(black pink jennie's dog) or jisoo's dog?
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    Danger - BTS
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  7. [GAME] twice rank

    1. Jihyo 2.Nayeon 3.tzuyu 4.mina 5.jeongyeon 6.sana 7.momo 8.chaeyoung 9.dahyun Loves bts
  8. [FANMADE] Twice’s Teamwork - Video Edit

    love it~
  9. Hello~

    Yay!! New friend~
  10. Hello~

    You Stan a lot!! Me too~~ annueonghaseyo my friend (or you want to be friends)
  11. Your 2017 memories with TTF!

    Idol school
  12. Your 2017 memories with TTF!

    Oh, it’s lee chae young’s predebut pic