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  1. happy b-day eonnie! saranghae~~~:dubchaeng-kiss::satzu-hug:

  2. happy birthday! saranghae~~~~~:dubchaeng-kiss::satzu-hug:


    1. myouiminart


      thank you!! :) 

  3. imback! ( in my school'scomputerkekekekeke)

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    2. chaerrybear


      :jy-eww: i missed u yeongie. ive been on a hiatus too

    3. Yeongie 윤기

      Yeongie 윤기

      sorry everybody, and plus im not gonna get punished because im a teachers pet:ny-nono: i miss everyone here so alot of hugs for everybody *hugs*:satzu-hug::2na-hug::saida-hug::dubchaeng-kiss:


    4. chaerrybear
  4. Congrats!!!:congrats:*ALOT OF HUGSSS*

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Awwwwwwww, thank you Yeongie! :chu::mc-hug:

    2. Yeongie 윤기
  5. I Miss U Little Fluff Ball ;-;

  6. I wish you were more active 


  7. Yeongie-ah~

    I Miss You Little Cutie <3

    1. Yeongie 윤기

      Yeongie 윤기

      Aww, miss u too~ i haven't been TTF so often anymore,sorry

  8. [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    Top Left: "Signal" - Tzuyu Top Right: "Signal" - Mina bottom left: "Cheer up" - Tzuyu bottom right:"Cheer up" -Mina
  9. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username:Yeongie윤기 Post count: 1,178 award requesting: "Like Ooh Aah" - Tzuyu
  10. Who's a WEME?:ty-peek: any WEMES?:jh-lurk::ty-peek:

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    2. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      Me omg yasss!!!!

      I love weki meki

    3. katsaysno


      HELLO KAT IS HERE :dh-yas:

    4. WhiteBlue



  11. Who is the Most loved Bias.

    Hello there and welcome to TTF! I hope you have a wonderful time here! You share my biases, my biases are also Tzuyu,Mina,Momo and sana
  12. EUNHA AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lel sorry I'm Gfriend trash

    1. Yeongie 윤기

      Yeongie 윤기

      I know, me too

    2. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Now it's Doyeon I see haha

    3. Yeongie 윤기

      Yeongie 윤기

      Yep, I love their new song, 'I don't like your girlfriend'