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  1. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Foregnier line
  2. [DISCUSSION] What are your favourite Song of twice?

  3. __---___----____-----___



  4. The "Show me your face" thread!

    yes yes yes yes
  5. Hello!

    i have anime merch, it naruto's leg poutch with ninja star (not real i wish), attack on titans posters and bobble head and fairytale poster
  6. Hello!

    yayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayay i'm gonna beg my parents to go eek!
  7. CYA Entertainment Official Thread

    My first albums coming up, stay tune of you lisatening me sing so bad(im bad at singing, i was sick)
  8. Hello!

  9. Would you rather?......

    TWICE members first name, momo or tzuyu Would you rather: Eat every minute but die of hydration or Drink every minute but die of starvation?
  10. Last Letter (Song edition)

  11. Hello!

    i wish i can go to anime con with my bro, he loves anime much than i do