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  1. Happy Birthday Dahyun


  2. Hi ^^ ~~

    OMG!! I have to quote this words "she gave me a really big smile and began to wave back and we waved at each other for like 3 min straight". LOL "3 minutes straight" This moment omg, omfg... the way you stare each other is sooo
  3. It's been a long time i'm not here. T_T

    Not being too busy outside but i'm just too focused to my studies. :ny-sad:

    I'll be here more often :ny-cute:

  4. Hi, I'm New Here :D

    Hello Downie I'm Indonesian once too. Glad to see you here and i see you have a lot of posts there, you should have been here for long time right? Let's be friends
  5. Hi there! Welcome to TTF Glad to see another Indonesian once, have fun here
  6. Hi ^^ ~~

    Hi, welcome to TTF ! Could you tell us about the moment you met with Nayeon? Lol Anyway, enjoy your stay here and i hope you can go to the fansign, god bless you
  7. HI!

    Hi Dakjoah Welcome to TTF! Glad to see another Indonesian once, have fun here !
  8. I havent finished Mina edit yet and its just some hours left until 24.00:mn-hehe:

  9. Im really new in Vegas. This video is so blocky and pixelated :mn-game:

    Do you know how to fix it?UHre0C6.jpg

  10. Just because of photoshop-ed pic (in my opinion, because i have analyzed that that pic was originally edited and quite perfectly retouched by photoshop masters, but in another view im not sure if it is edited pic, as JYPE said that it is real) everyone were going to make weird articles and gain more attention by other or just to make money as their current job now. People are now so confusing, i dont know what are the purpose from all of this by doing like that. But i really know the law of karma applies. For now, i really really worried with Mina. As Mina said, if she found herself so stressed, she cried all day. I hope all members take courage of her. I love you Mina, i will stand for you

    Hi Najene! welcome to TTF! Don't be sha sha sha shy Hope you enjoy this forum as much as we do here
  12. Hey there

    Hi, welcome to TTF! Make your time to explore this forum, hope you enjoy as much as we do here
  13. Better Late Than Never

    Hello Ace, welcome to TTF! Sana sha sha sha I hope you enjoy your time and have fun as much as we do here
  14. Dubu boi at your service.

    Welcome to TTF ! Hope you enjoy your time here, have fun!
  15. Annyeong fellow Once :)

    Hello Lyka welcome to TTF ! Once couple, so sweet. I like Blackpink too, (at that time) but Twice had stolen my heart twice more powerful than i feel. LOL Make your time to explore this forum and i hope you enjoy as much as we do here