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  1. Happy Birthday Dahyun


  2. It's been a long time i'm not here. T_T

    Not being too busy outside but i'm just too focused to my studies. :ny-sad:

    I'll be here more often :ny-cute:

  3. I havent finished Mina edit yet and its just some hours left until 24.00:mn-hehe:

  4. Im really new in Vegas. This video is so blocky and pixelated :mn-game:

    Do you know how to fix it?UHre0C6.jpg

  5. I almost cried when making Mina edit, then I stopped for a moment and finally I turn off the PC.

     :mn-game: :mn-blush:

    1. Vincent_Nya


      why almost cried


    2. TheAsmoro


      I mixed some photos and videos and use I Lived (Arty Remix) as the background music. While at the breakdown and breakdown to climax part, that video really touch my feelings.

      Her smile and her struggle in debut video, make me almost 



  6. TheAsmoro

    [GAME] First Word You Think Of

  7. And again, last night in my dream I met Tzuyu, Nayeon, Mina and Jihyo and we have lunch together on the same table and also with my friends.



    At that time, we like have known each other, eat, talk and laugh together. I realized in my dreams that I'm just a fan and I'm very happy at that moment.:sn-shy:


    But suddenly, my friend come to my bed and wake me up, sh*t! :dh-wut: :ny-sad:


    This is my dream, what about your dream? :sn-ay:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kh3ngboon


      It's a complexity. How to do :pepe: 

    3. BlackOnce


      My dreams is a mess up....

    4. Annyeong Kpop

      Annyeong Kpop

      The last week, I dreamed about BTS's Jungkook kissing BTS's Jimin !!! That shocked me...What's next ? Momo kissing Mina ? Mina kissing Chaeyoung ? 2Yeon kiss ?

  8. I don't know why so many Twice members come into my dreams every time I go to sleep


    If only it were real.:mn-cry:

    1. TKDahyun
    2. BlackOnce


      Last time it was Jeongyeon and Jihyo in my dreams. I just hope to see them in real life even if i freak out ...:ny-lol:

    3. chaerrybear
  9. OMG = Oh My God (Jihyo). A Reason to live. I'm D.E.A.D
  10. TheAsmoro

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    Me, too. I use this as a cover photo of my Line account
  11. TheAsmoro

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Wah ternyata ada thread indo yah... Baru nemu yg beginian Halo semua Ngomong-ngomong ada yg mau nonton konser di SG ngga? Gan, terima kirim lewat kurir ngga? Soalnya ane ngga di bandung
  12. Jihyooo I was hypnotized by her eyes.
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