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  1. Happy birthday ! :congrats: 

  2. Yay! Someone shares my bias! :sn-shy:

  3. Sana's Birthday is just few sleeps away. Im all hype Right Now :sn-lol:

  4. My definition of Cute.

    CzUZMB9UkAEaa7i.jpgCredit: Z

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. minassi
    3. Penguin Charming

      Penguin Charming

      Hey look, a wild cutie appeared :sn-smthing:

    4. MyiMina


      Cutie ♥ I want to hug her so hard ~ :mn-rest:

  5. When I saw this picture. She kinda remind me of Anna from the movie Frozen. :ny-hmm: I wonder if she can play that role?


    1. Penguin Charming

      Penguin Charming


      p.s. She kinda needs to eat more. Her thigh is looking very sinew-y :mn-pout:

    2. SanaTy


      Also maybe from stress that she lose weight :mm-ehh:

  6. Me when I heard about Twice Season Greetings. Im sad because I don't have money yet to afford it.


  7. Cx27vbmUAAAbDlh.jpgz

    Im so jealous with this guy :ny-look::mm-tt:

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    2. tzu-chou-yu
    3. SanaTy


      @tzu-chou-yu yes someday I will see and meet them personally :ny-nono:

    4. minassi


      maybe that will be you someday:ty-aye:

  8. Will you accept Tzuyu as your commander in you life? :sn-pew:Cx2C3taUoAA83O3.jpgxxx

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    2. Mina'sPenguins


      @SanaTy she knows when i'm vulnerable to her bias wrecking bc she's always watching/listening :sn-hi::mn-tt:

    3. SanaTy


      Oh ahahaha. Don't worry about it. Hahaha

    4. minassi


      i see a trend:ny-lol:you will eventually stan chewy.

  9. nayeon_header.jpgXXX

    My face when some people say Kpop sucks and it's only for girls 

  10. SanaTy

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    Super Junior hahha
  11. When Life hits you really bad. But when you see your Bias then you're good like nothing happened :ny-lol::sn-lub: