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      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   12/30/2017

      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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  1. Hi I’m new

    Hello! Welcome to the forums :) Make sure to get some posts up to get access to the chatbox and join us :D I hope you enjoy your stay and make sure to ask moderators or admins any questions you may have :)
  2. Hello from Australia :3

    Welcome! Have fun and hope to see you around :D I want to go to Australia so bad! I am from New Jersey in the USA :D
  3. Twice - Likey Dance Cover

    Wow! This is great! Learned it so quick omg
  4. what groups do u like?

    I love KPOP in general :D Boy Groups: NCT 127, EXO, Got7, Day6, and KNK Girl Groups: Red Velvet, Pristin, Dreamcatcher, LOONA, GFRIEND, and Oh My Girl :D i love these too
  5. Goodbye !

    Wow I learned some french words why am I not in the french squad Good luck and come visit whenever possible or feel free to DM or contact me in anyway! Jiwowowowoooo! Thanks for the memories and you truly were everyones friend and was able to make me smile and laugh. You put yourself into this community and made it that much better for everyone. I hope in the future you continue to do so in lifes affairs :) -Konari/Konar/Kobi, Your Friend
  6. hellurrr

    Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around :)
  7. Hello TeamTwice peeps!

    Welcome! Have fun and see you around :) Dubu and Dancing Machine ayyy <3
  8. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Konari Post Count: 313 Award Requesting: #TWICE Jihyo
  9. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    Current: Konar the barbarian Requested: Nom the barbarian
  10. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    16 year old and im 5'10 or 177cm
  11. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    thank you so much for the kind words :) Love you syko thank you so much <3 and you missed out on marrying me, a great man who can find eggs
  12. The Eras of the Chatroom/Chatbox

    i should get a mention for being in the chatbox and freaking out for 8 hours during twiceter egg hunt LMAO. RIP CHAT
  13. A new, beautiful start to a forums 2.0! Lets all enjoy it and support it with all our love. Thank to everyone who participated in this recreation and everyone part of this wonderful forums.
  14. I'm New!

    HEY! Welcome and have fun! Hope to see you around :) Hang out with people in the chatbox!