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  1. baby1314love

    Twice Mashup (Truth + Knock Knock)

    I don't think I got that talent, but ya ! just do it for fun This is my very first time doing Music, especially Mashup I know It is a bit awful & Sorry for those who listened I will try hard & keep learning~~~ Here is the video link : https://youtu.be/lwSNDphFkoA If you guys have any comment, welcome to comment below~~~~~~~~ Or you guys have any idea on Twice song choice, make sure to comment below ~~ And maybe I will do another one Twice Mashup for practice
  2. Damn Hate JYP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ny-tough:

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    2. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias
    3. baby1314love




      I bought the Once Fan club membership ... and its pysical goods still haven't arrive:ny-sad:

      I email to JYP twice, and still didn't get a reply from them:ny-tough:

      It is like I throw my money into ocean:ny-tt:

    4. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Awwwww, it'll come eventually. Just keep wishing :pleeease:

  3. You made my day~~~ Nayeon so pretty
  4.  fNGQZ6g.jpg

    Finally Candy Bong is in the house:ny-chu:

    Waited so long... :ny-look:

    it is so prettyyy:ny-cute:

  5. I am Back~~~~
    MIA for around 1 week~~Sorry about that:ny-pout:

    Now i am finally back to TTF !!:ny-chu:

    I think i missed many TWICE news:ny-tt:

  6. baby1314love

    [GAME] First Word You Think Of

  7. wuwuwuwu~~~
    TWICE is losing in the MAMA 2016~~ And I just realised that:ny-pout::mn-pout:

    It is excited to watch their performance, but sincerely I want them to get an Award too:mn-tt::ny-tt:

  8. #MINAYEON 4 life~~ Really love MINAYEON Not just my bias~~ They are my godness
  9. baby1314love

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Butt Appreciation Thread

    +OMG so many butt~~~~hahahaha but yes yes~~~ i like it~~ But dun make it became 19+
  10. Just finish SIXTEEN, Twice TV 1234~~~
    Seriously fall in love with TWICE ing:ny-chu:

    Is there anymore variety or drama that i haven't discover??
    If can, please share me the list~~:ny-pout:

    1. Mina'sPenguins


      @baby1314love oh you bet there is! All sorts of things in the Audio & Video Index Thread. There was a variety show called Flower Crew that Momo and Nayeon were on recently. Check the Audio & Video section regularly for updates :dh-nice:

    2. baby1314love


      Thanks you ^^

      There is still a lot of unseen region in these site:ny-pout:

      Thanks for guiding:ny-chu:

    3. Mina'sPenguins


      @baby1314love yup lots of stuff out there; just takes a lil exploration :mn-wifi::mn-game: no problem :ny-yes:

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