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  1. LivinGforNAYEON

    Finally having 1 year

    I feel yah bruh...
  2. happy birthdayyy


  3. Happy birthday to the real Bryan :jh-cheer:

  4. Anyeongg!! @LivinGforNAYEON I want to say Congrats and Happy Birthday To You!! hahahah I know we do not know each other and haven't introduced each other formally but since it's your birthday today I really wanted to greet you hehehe. I hope we can be friends, if ever your online I want to make friends with you hahaha. That's all I can say for now hehehe, but again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and CONGRATS hehehhe. Enjoy your day, have a blast, and More Birthday's to come, and God Bless You! hahaha

    Fightingg!! CHEER UPP!! twice_by_iichikun-db2okpa.png

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. LivinGforNAYEON

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Hi, I just want to inform you that there is 1 more redeemable post award that you have, which is for the 3300 post award. You can redeem it anytime. :3
  7. LivinGforNAYEON

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Good day mate! You can redeem 2 more Post awards. You redeemed your 1,400 posts Award a long time ago also your 1.5k and 1.6k posts Awards. I'll just give you your 1.7k and 1.8k posts Awards.
  8. LivinGforNAYEON

    Twice Official Good Affiliate and Icon for Sub-forum

    LMAO wdym by making an affiliation with twice?
  9. LivinGforNAYEON

    [DISCUSSION] Does Mina plays Fortnite or Dota 2

    Gamer's Attitude always comes out when you know your teammates can't help any better LOLS
  10. LivinGforNAYEON

    Myself and Twice

    LMAO the introduction messages from the mods, whatta whole new level Anyways hahaahah Welcome here Anna ! take your time roaming around in the forums, and dont forget to drop in on the chatbox
  11. LivinGforNAYEON

    [DISCUSSION] Does Mina plays Fortnite or Dota 2

    If Mina play Dota2, she's like: "P*ta, ang b*b* niyo!! Mga cancer! Huwag na kayong magdota."
  12. Its been a while since I visited the site. Time to get active again :ny-yes:



    Kalimutan mo na yan

    sige sige maglibang

    tara iinom na natin

    pang alis ng stress yan




    1. JokbalManiaMomo


      Ang problema sa babae dapat di iniinda

      Hayaan mo sila na maghabol sayo di'ba? 

      Sabi ko naman sayo lahat yan nagloloko 

      Pagkatapos kang pakinabanggan biglang lalayo.. oohhhh!


      Hhahahahahha song of the year here at PH! :ny-yes: