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  1. LivinGforNAYEON

    [DISCUSSION] Does Mina plays Fortnite or Dota 2

    Gamer's Attitude always comes out when you know your teammates can't help any better LOLS
  2. LivinGforNAYEON

    Myself and Twice

    LMAO the introduction messages from the mods, whatta whole new level Anyways hahaahah Welcome here Anna ! take your time roaming around in the forums, and dont forget to drop in on the chatbox
  3. LivinGforNAYEON

    [DISCUSSION] Does Mina plays Fortnite or Dota 2

    If Mina play Dota2, she's like: "P*ta, ang b*b* niyo!! Mga cancer! Huwag na kayong magdota."
  4. Its been a while since I visited the site. Time to get active again :ny-yes:



    Kalimutan mo na yan

    sige sige maglibang

    tara iinom na natin

    pang alis ng stress yan




    1. JokbalManiaMomo


      Ang problema sa babae dapat di iniinda

      Hayaan mo sila na maghabol sayo di'ba? 

      Sabi ko naman sayo lahat yan nagloloko 

      Pagkatapos kang pakinabanggan biglang lalayo.. oohhhh!


      Hhahahahahha song of the year here at PH! :ny-yes:


  6. how come you never come to the chatbox???
    and where's OmgDahyun???

  7. LivinGforNAYEON

    [GAME] Would you rather?......

    i would rather eat it barehanded would you rather like to be tortured or to be chopped?
  8. LivinGforNAYEON

    [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Vocals: Nayeon, Jihyo Genres: tropical House, Trap, Pop, Synth, Ballad, Indie, Dance Pop They are the best sub-unit for me if ever becoz simply theyre the main vocals and their voices suits in these kinds of genres
  9. LivinGforNAYEON

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    8oz na sprite tsaka isang mr chips and 5 na happy peanuts
  10. LivinGforNAYEON

    Minimum no of post to enter "show me your face" thread

    Promoting GMA7's campaign??
  11. LivinGforNAYEON

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Kidnap for ransom ang mas maganda diyan pre... mang pataw ka lang ng ransom na 5 milyon okay na
  12. LivinGforNAYEON

    Minimum no of post to enter "show me your face" thread

    Hello guys, First and foremost, be careful in revealing sensitive info's about you and minimize to post that may ruin or may offend you. If anyone of you are bullied in a harsh way like bashing, blackmailing, or etc... within the forums, we'll glad to help and stop the issue. But to avoid this kind of issue in the near future, we are encouraging you guys to minimize exposing yourself. If anyone of you saw accounts which are malicious and are used for such blackmailing and such, please don't be afraid to message or send us a message, or try to contact the moderator as soon as possible to stop this malicious acts. We hope you'll reconsider this, this isn't for the better of the forum, its for the user here who wanted to protect their privacy.
  13. LivinGforNAYEON

    [V Report Plus] Twice gets early taste of winter in snowy Sapporo

    uhhh cant seee dubu sooo white like snow
  14. LivinGforNAYEON

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    hindi na kayo nasanay sa mga bebe gurls natin ganun talaga....
  15. LivinGforNAYEON

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    hahahahaa natatawa nalang ako nung nakita ko yung teaser na yun as in. Yung feeling na gusto mong pumunta sa con. pero pagtingin mo sa bulsa mo 20 pesos nalang natira hahahahahah XD Sad pero walang magagawa XD