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  1. Am I the one who thinks that she still looks the same until now? Lmao But every year she's getting prettier and sexier....
  2. [FANART] Random Shoutout #4 : Instagram Edition!

    Yeah its really cool, they did an amazing job..
  3. A fan documents his 'date' with TWICE's Nayeon

    Why didnt he just print it on a 3D printer That'll be more realistic. I have so many laugh at this weird but He's so sincere... :3
  4. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Abangan natin ang "My Korean Jagiya" kasi mag Gueguest A ppearance ang TWICE sa movie na iyon... Fil-Kor Movie.... Panoorin po natin para sa suport sa TWICE XD.... lol
  5. I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    SHoes? Skirt? Socks? Sofa? Signal? Send?
  6. The "Show me your face" thread!

  7. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

  8. [DISCUSSION] What have you been doing during TWICE's break?

    Uhhh, practical studying... and soundtrip at the same time (KPOP songs as always) or just taking a pond on what will i do this coming days
  9. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    anong SNS acc. ko? twitter?
  10. Uhhhh, is this an issue from us, overseas once? I think nahh... we dont even care bout the haters.. Lol why should we bother

    If ever Kor ONCE knows this, itll be a sure win for us... ONCE.. Im worried coz 3 days more to vote...
  12. MELTING (녹아요) Cover

    Bathroom is the best soundproof area maybe... hahaahaa XD lol
  13. Members vs Staffs (Ya'll Sneaky AF FGs)

    Pushing the RESET button!!! *eeeennkk 01
  14. (Kpopherald) The hottest K-pop girl groups of 2017

    Im starting to like mamamoo now... Theyre a total kpop diva..
  15. [OFFICIAL] Im Nayeon (임나연) Spazz Thread!

    That laugh~~~~ is cute af....