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  1. All my fanart except my latest post fanart here in team twice forum is deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience...

    1. Zaito
    2. MyiMina


      But whyy ? ): I love them~

    3. ChewyTzuyuChan


      @Zaito @MyiMina Im sorry, i accidentally deleted it in the site where i post it...


    Hi Team Twice, ChewyTzuyuChan here.... So I just celebrated my 100th post in instagram. so if you still dont follow me (https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/) Hope you like it...
  3. Twice Japan Debut Fanart COMPLETE

    Photoshop CS6 ^^
  4. Twice Japan Debut Fanart COMPLETE

    Hey guys!! ChewyTzuyuChan here!!| I'm back! It's been a while since my last post, but don't you worry.. I spent almost half a month for these vector arts/fanarts... So I hope you like it!! Make sure to comment which art do you like the most... (and if still dont follow me in instagram, https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/) you can pm me request there and i will gladly do it :D... IM NAYEON YOO JEONGYEON MOMO JJANG SANA JJANG PARK JIHYO MINA JJANG KIM DAHYUN SON CHAEYOUNG CHOU TZUYU Yours Truly, ChewytzuyuChan...
  5. Jeongyeon x MLB

    Hi Guys, ChewyTzuyuChan here This is my very first vector art of Jeongyeon (or Jungyeon)... Hope you like it :D .... Yes I made this, ChewyTzuyuChan Follow me in instagram https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/?hl=en
  6. [TZUYUIST] Happy TZUYU Day

    Yes i made this
  7. Hello, ChewyTzuyuChan here... Happy Birthday to the one and only lovable Maknae, to my everything.. Hope she is always in good health.. and keep safe Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan Follow me in Instagram https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/?hl=en
  8. Twice Signal Pixel Full M/V

    Pure talent right there..... You're Awesome!!
  9. Momo x MLB

    ChewyTzuyuChan here again.. :D For all those who have instagram, you can follow me, i post my artworks there to, i am "once_rnz" For all Momoring fans out there, here is for you Hope you like it.... Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan
  10. Mina x MLB

    Thank you
  11. Mina x MLB

    Yes :) I am "once_rnz" from instagram too
  12. Mina x MLB

    ChewyTzuyuChan here!! For all mina stan, and all the penguins in the world.. Here is a vector of Mina for all of you.. Hope you like it... Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan
  13. J-trinity Vector Art #Signal

    Maybe 3-6 hours per art...
  14. J-trinity Vector Art #Signal

    Here's another vector art... For all J-trinity fans Hope you like it... MOMO SANA MINA Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan
  15. Twice Nayeon Tzuyu #Signal

    Hi Guys!! ChewyTzuyuChan here, it's been a long time since my last post Im not in my country right now, im on vacation and i dont have my computer with me where i create all my fanarts, but i did bring my laptop and try to do vector art and i think its pretty good! Hope you like it :D Yours Truly. ChewyTzuyuChan