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TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
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  1. ChewyTzuyuChan

    Twice Dahyun Speed vector art

    It's never easy...
  2. ChewyTzuyuChan

    Twice Dahyun Speed vector art

    I just use mouse. I'm too poor TT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  3. ChewyTzuyuChan

    Twice Dahyun Speed vector art

    Hi ONCEs, ChewyTzuyuChan here, and i am BACK It is good to be back and here again, posting my arts again... XD Hope you like it! Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/ Subscribe in youtube for more of this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVkLNc5nKpGbFKn3ltinQg
  4. ChewyTzuyuChan is back!! With more art.. but first, please help me resize my gifs please for my signature

  5. ChewyTzuyuChan

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #LIKEY

    One please. Thank you :D
  6. All my fanart except my latest post fanart here in team twice forum is deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience...

    1. Zaito
    2. MyiMina


      But whyy ? ): I love them~

    3. ChewyTzuyuChan


      @Zaito @MyiMina Im sorry, i accidentally deleted it in the site where i post it...

  7. ChewyTzuyuChan

    Twice Signal Pixel Full M/V

    Pure talent right there..... You're Awesome!!
  8. ChewyTzuyuChan

    [GAME] Last Letter

  9. ChewyTzuyuChan

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Butt Appreciation Thread

    Thank you very much!
  10. ChewyTzuyuChan

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Butt Appreciation Thread

    from what video is this? thank you
  11. Love the backgrounds :ny-yes: :sn-lub:

  12. Please do request some fanart

    just message me the picture you want me to fanart :ty-peek:

    Dont be shy shy shy:sn-shy:

    1. BlackOnce


      Can ask you to do another fanart again? :sn-smthing:

    2. ChewyTzuyuChan
    3. BlackOnce
  13. TTF! where is the original picture (or video) of this Sana emoticon


    It's so cute


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MyiMina


      I wonder what happened to her at this moment :sn-shock: 

    3. ChewyTzuyuChan


      maybe she see someone clumsier than herself.. :ty-lol::ty-lol:

    4. MyiMina
  14. Follow me in Instagram hehe..


    i also post my fanarts there...

  15. I like the new icon of team twice in the tab :D