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  1. Watch: TWICE Enthusiastically Cheers On JYP Trainee Bang Chan In “Stray Kids” Preview A new preview for JYP survival program “Stray Kids” features a special appearance by TWICE! The clip shows a scene before JYP Entertainment’s trainee showcase, which TWICE attended to perform a special stage. Trainee Bang Chan nervously knocks on the door of TWICE’s waiting room to greet them and is met with an warm welcome. TWICE forms a path and tells him, “This is the road to your debut.” Once he makes it to the center, Jeongyeon is amazed that he is now taller than them and Sana reminisces, “Chan used to be this small,” to which Bang Chan argues, “I wasn’t that small!” TWICE retorts back, saying that it’s true, and Jihyo adds, “You and BamBam were both. Nayeon asks how long he has been training, and he shares that it is his seventh year. Jihyo, who trained for 10 years, comments, “If you fill three more years, you will become like me,” and Bang Chan jokes, “Should I do three more years?” t is also revealed that Bang Chan is the oldest and the leader of the group, and TWICE explodes into cheers. Sana shares, “I saw him leading the other trainees during practice,” and the next scene shows his charismatic leadership during rehearsal. Jeongyeon notes how the Stray Kids members don’t know how he was when he was younger as many of the TWICE members do, and a clip of Bang Chan as a child is revealed. The video ends with TWICE leading a cheer to show their support for Bang Chan and his group. “Stray Kids” airs its first episode on October 17 at 11 p.m. KST via Mnet. Check out the full preview below! cr: soompi
  2. TWICE Drops Trailer For Comeback With “Likey”

    Twice to release 1st full-length album Twice on Monday confirmed the upcoming release of its first full-length album “Twicetagram.” The album, to be released at 6 p.m. on Oct. 30, will feature a title track “Likey,” according to JYP Entertainment. Twice performs during a fan event in Seoul on Monday. (JYP Entertainment) It would mark the third comeback for the girl group this year, after “Knock “Knock” and “Signal” were both very well-received. Fans got a hold of the news firsthand during the “Twice Fan meeting Once Begins” on Sunday, where the K-pop act jumped them with a surprise trailer video for the upcoming record. About 7,000 fans attended the event that was to commemorate the two year anniversary of the group’s debut, and featured the group performing its biggest hits. Having debuted in 2015, Twice is one of the hottest K-pop groups with hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh,” “Cheer Up,” and “TT” under its belt. By Yoon Min-sik (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com) cr: The Korea Herald ================ Girl group TWICE to drop 1st full-length album this month SEOUL, Oct. 16 (Yonhap) -- K-pop girl group TWICE will release its first full-length album this month, its agency said Monday. The record, titled "Twiceagram," will be released on Oct. 30, JYP Entertainment said. The lead song of the album is named "Likey," according to the company. Further details weren't provided. The nine-member act, which includes Japanese and Taiwanese members, stormed the K-pop scene in October 2015. Starting with "Ooh-Ahh," TWICE has had five consecutive No. 1 tracks at home including "Cheer Up," "TT," "Knock Knock" and most recently "Signal." All of its past works were released in shorter EP albums. Over the weekend, TWICE held a fan meet-and-greet event at Kyunghee University in Seoul to mark its two-year debut anniversary. "The dreams drawn only in our thoughts have come true thanks to our fans. We're grateful for you being our strength," the band was quoted as telling the crowd of fans at the two-day event. odissy@yna.co.kr (END) cr: Yonhap News Agency
  3. JYP to kick off ‘Blue & Red’ tour, release two singles

    Confirmed. cr: JYPE "Park Jin Young will be releasing his duet with Heize on October 16 at noon KST. This comeback comes approximately a year and six months after his last release." The title track is called "Regrets." cr: soompi
  4. TWICE Drops Trailer For Comeback With “Likey” TWICE is gearing up for their new comeback! On October 16 at midnight KST, TWICE and JYP’s official social media accounts released a trailer for “Likey.” The group is slated to appear on “Weekly Idol” for their comeback and recently finished filming their music video in Canada. In the trailer, the girls hang out at schools, parks, and local stores, while cute graphic hearts pop out around them. “Likey” appears to be the title track off their first studio album, “Twicetagram,” which is set to be released on October 30 at 6 p.m. KST. You can watch the video here. TWICE(트와이스) "LIKEY" TRAILER https://t.co/diajFjPWgR TWICE LIKEY 2017.10.30 6PM#TWICE #트와이스 #LIKEY — TWICE (@JYPETWICE) October 15, 2017 cr: soompi
  5. Breaking announcement: 1st MV teaser of "Likey" is shown right at the end on the 2nd day of "ONCE BEGINS" fanmeeting on October 15th. Comeback on October 30th, 6pm-KST, with 1st FULL album! #Likey Get ready and save up for the album, ONCE! 1st MV teaser link -> http://www.vlive.tv/video/44432

    (Please do not quote me, thanks!) Personally, I would believe the 1st MV teaser to be out maybe on October 16th (12:00 to 12.30am-KST), just after they completed their 2-day "ONCE BEGINS" fanmeeting events. (By the way, JYP himself is also releasing his new R&B ballad track on next Monday, the "Blue" portion in view of his "Blue and Red" national tour in December). Following which, the preview of concept art for album(s) design, new photocards, posters and mechandise that are included, pre-order details to come along in the coming week. The 2nd MV teaser coming out on October 23rd. (while TWICE is promoting their Japanese single in Japan, appearing on J-TV shows/radio and meeting J-ONCE in Tokyo-Chiba and Kobe) And lastly the complete MV (and their Korean comeback and actual sale of new album) could release in 2 weeks later on October 30th, before Halloween. [The above scenario might also be delayed +1 day later, i.e. October 17th -1st teaser, October 24th -2nd teaser and October 31st -final MV etc. just because of a clash of dates with JYP releasing his new track].
  7. [VID] 171001 TWICE Carefree Travelers @Vietnam Preview

    On JYPE's TWICE Schedule calendar for October 2017: http://twice.jype.com/schedule.asp?od=11/15/2017&n=-1 The TV dates for October 17th, 24th and 31st are clocked in. In other words, there shall be at least 3 episodes of TWICE in Da Nang, Vietnam on JTBC's Carefree Travelers. The one on November 7th might either happen or not depends on how each of the episodes are edited (Each Carefree Travelers!'s tour is usually cut/edited into either 3 or 4 episodes). @<3TzuNaMi and/or other forum staff, for the time being please help enter the calendar schedule for at least the 3 confirmed dates (October 17th, 24th and 31st) of TWICE's Carefree Travelers! in Da Nang, Vietnam. Thanks!
  8. October Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed 56,809,055 pieces of big data from September 12 to October 13 and published the results from their findings for October’s brand reputation rankings among girl groups. The institute analyzed brand reputation of girl groups by analyzing participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness. As a result, TWICE took first place with a brand reputation index of 6,407,235. Red Velvet came in second place with a total 5,383,260, while GFRIEND followed up with a score of 3,705,350. It’s also worth mentioning that mass media variety programs were found to have a large impact on the findings, and TWICE’s first Japanese single “One More Time” had a positive reaction which also affected this month’s results. Check out the top 30 rankings below: TWICE Red Velvet GFRIEND BLACKPINK Apink MAMAMOO APRIL Cosmic Girls Lovelyz T-ara Weki Meki PRISTIN EXID MOMOLAND Oh My Girl Rainbow LABOUM AOA gugudan INSTAR Girl’s Day Wanna.B DIA SONAMOO DreamCatcher Girls’ Generation LOONA STELLAR 9MUSES FIESTAR Source (1) original source: futurekorea.co.kr cr: soompi
  9. Major Music Distributors Owe Over 17 Billion Won In Royalties To Producers And Artists It has been discovered that four of Korea’s major digital music distributors owe a total of over 17.4 billion won (approximately $15.4 million) in royalties to copyright holders. Cho Seung Rae of the Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee in Korea’s National Assembly recently made an announcement after examining documents from an inspection conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. He stated, “The unpaid royalties and neighboring rights royalties owed to music creators and performers by the ‘Big Four Digital Music Distributors’ amounts to 17.4 billion won during the period from 2014 to the first quarter of 2017.” In this context, “royalties” refers to money paid to music copyright holders such as composers and lyric writers, while “neighboring rights royalties” refers to money paid to singers and musicians, etc. The largest Korean music site Melon, run by Loen Entertainment, owes over half of this amount, with 9.7 billion won (approximately $8.6 million) overdue in royalties and neighboring rights royalties. Genie owes 3.4 billion won (approximately $3 million), Bugs owes 2.3 billion won (approximately $2 million), and Mnet owes 2.1 billion won (approximately $1.9 million). The amount owed to copyright holders has been increasing every year. Cho Seung Rae stated that this issue of unpaid royalties has been brought up continuously in the past, but that the government hasn’t been able to prepare countermeasures and that the companies have not put effort into solving the problem. Melon has stated in response, “Digital music service companies are working with the government and copyright holders to find a solution.” The company added that one of the ways they have been trying to reduce the occurrence of unpaid royalties is maintaining a database of information about copyright in partnership with associations such as the Korean Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers; the Federation of Korean Music Performers; and the Recording Industry Association of Korea. They stated that they have also been taking part in discussions with the ministry for the improvement of laws and systems for the past few years. Source (1) (2) cr: soompi
  10. TWICE’s First Original Japanese Track “One More Time” Tops Line Music Chart TWICE has taken the No. 1 spot on the Line Music Chart with their new song “One More Time”! With TWICE’s first Japanese single album “One More Time” due out on October 18, the group pre-released their new track on October 13 at midnight. As soon as “One More Time” came out, the song grabbed the top spot on Japan’s Line Music realtime chart. Previously, TWICE topped Line Music’s realtime, daily, weekly, and monthly charts with their Japanese debut “best of” album “#TWICE” from June, which includes Korean and Japanese versions of their hit songs. Meanwhile, TWICE is currently preparing to make a Korean comeback with a new release later this month. Watch the MV for “One More Time” below! Source (1) cr: soompi
  11. JYP to kick off ‘Blue & Red’ tour, release two singles

    In my case, I would believe the female singer in the duet (of JYP's R&B "Blue" single) might be either Heize or Suran.
  12. JYP to kick off ‘Blue & Red’ tour, release two singles

    Park Jin-young to release track next week Singer and producer Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment will release a new R&B ballad track on Monday, according to an Instagram post from the artist on Thursday. In the first week of December, he will release a dance track and from Dec. 8 to 31, he will head out on the “Blue and Red” national tour, making stops in Seoul, Gwangju and Daegu. The track that will be released on Monday will be part of the “Blue” portion of the concert, and the dance tune will be performed during the “Red” portion. On his Instagram, Park said that the new “Blue” track will be an upgraded version of the tracks “Love Has Left Again” by Lee Ki-chan and “I Love You” by Kim Jo-han. He then added that it is a duet song with his favorite female singer. Park Jin-young made his debut in 1994 and has many popular tracks such as “Honey,” (1998) “The House You Live In” (2007) and “Who’s Your Mama?” (2015). He is the founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment. By Hong You-kyoung cr: Korea Joongang Daily
  13. JYP to kick off ‘Blue & Red’ tour, release two singles Park Jin-young, better known as JYP, will embark on a new “Naughty Party” concert tour titled “Blue & Red” in December and release two songs for the concerts, the singer announced on his Instagram Thursday. The artist also said that he will release two new songs -- a ballad and a dance song -- for the tour. The ballad song, which represents the “Blue,” will be released on Monday while the dance song, which represents the “Red,” will be released in the first week of December. A promotional poster for Park Jin-young‘s concert tour “Naughty Party - Blue & Red” (JYP Entertainment) Park said the ballad song will be a duet with a female singer without revealing the identity of the singer. “Hint? My favorite female artist these days,” the artist wrote. The release on Monday marks the singer’s new release in 18 months, following “Still Alive” released in April 2016. The “Blue & Red” tour will kick off in Seoul with concerts Dec. 8-10 at Olympic Hall inside Olympic Park. It will then head to Gwangju, Daegu and Busan. By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com) cr: The Korea Herald
  14. [DISCUSSION] Twice sings a gay song?

    There is no distinction between male and female butterflies in pollination.
  15. TWICE Confirmed To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of “Weekly Idol”

    TWICE's recording for Weekly Idol has completed on October 11th. In my personal opinion (please do not quote around, thanks!), we should expect the broadcast to be soon, either on October 25th, which is in their Japanese single's promotion period and between two "high-touch" events in Chiba and Kobe, OR more likely on November 1st (which falls on Jeongyeon's birthday) and just after their Korean comeback.