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About 'sacheol-21stC': 

Mode/ Motto :  Feeling/"I Believe"

Star sign colours: Mauve, Purple, Aquamarine
Star sign keys: B minor, (Bb) B flat minor
Star sign plants: Mosses, ferns, seaweed
Star sign trees and shrubs: Ash
Star sign attractions: To Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio ; From Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Tarot card:  (Strength/Courage) from the Major Arcana

Spring: March 21 to June 21
Summer: June 21 to September 23
Fall: September 23 to December 21
Winter: December 21 to March 21


While the next generation takes over ... reducing online commentary, going into hiatus and moving onto greener pastures in life. Indexing trees, plants, flowers, fruits and greens, becoming a friend of nature.

'sacheol-21stC' hereby wishes TWICE good health, cherished happiness & a loving family in their lives ahead, throughout all seasons. Promise to meet up (with TWICE) if and when both our destinies cross paths.

{"The ONCEs' Cultural Movement for TWICE" , in whichever medium, shall pass on through generations of K-Pop lovers, both in its physical and spiritual forms.}