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  1. i saw Love Simon in theaters it can be a bit cheesy but it's an amazing movie i almost cried in the end of it:mm-heart::jh-myheart:  

  2. i like their debut song its catchy and the concept i do remember that 2 of the members are former 48G members but didn't know all three are JAV actresses
  3. what cool history making event times are indeed changing now i'm so happy for RV and seohyun to be apart of it
  4. i had some stomach pain yesterday :ny-sad: thankfully its all good now :sn-ay:

  5. The dance was so awesome i think this is actually the first school dance where  i actually danced  a lot :jy-flee:i took so many pics at the photo booth way better than my Homecoming in one of the pics i have, where my friend and her BF are being all cuddly and i was just in the corner eating those bomb tacos, the dance theme was Latin so they played Spanish songs but some English :mm-eat:

  6. [DISCUSSION] Any other famous celeb who like TWICE

    So many celebs are fans of the girls i wonder what other celebs will admit of being a once next
  7. can't wait for my last school dance tomorrow:cute: (Prom doesn't count cause i ain't a senior or junior yet) but yea the school literally told us about it the last minute :jy-hmm:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Phebe


      Good luck, then :D

      My musical is Shrek; 95% of the cast sucks tbh :ny-pose:

    3. kawaiionceprinces13
    4. Phebe


      Sugar Plum Fairy :ny-pout:

  8. did anyone have a or did the walkout during school :ny-hmm: dang some of the teachers at my school really thought no one was gonna do it, a decent amount of students did do it

    1. Phebe


      Oh my god, let's not even talk about that...... there was a rule in my school that we could only go out into the hallway and not outside, but seven kids went outside.

      I know this may seem rude, but I didn't go out into the hallway because there were people who were talking in my class so I didn't want to be accused of being unsupportive for talking, so I was just silent in the classroom. 

      But I also had a front row seat to the people who got in trouble outside because my classroom window is right in front of the school entrance xD

    2. kawaiionceprinces13


      most of my 3rd hour class only 2 people sat still silent while the rest of us just stand for 17 min straight which was another way too protest at my school 

    3. optzumistic


      We did it in 3rd period. Most of the people did it, I decided to stay in the classroom because I needed to finish my paper :ny-fish:

  9.  job fair tomorrow at school,Hope i can snag a job on the way  i need more :jyp-money:i kinda want to find more options other than Babysitting :2yeon-hug: 

    1. Phebe


      We don't have that, I need a job better than nothing :ty-lol:

  10. [INFO] [Korea Joongang Daily] The next generation takes the mic

    i hope these girls will do well they have a whole lot of potential,can't wait to see what gen has to offer its gonna be good
  11. can't wait anticipating for what concept we will see next wondering if it will be a more mature concept but yesss!
  12. Hi Once, Nice To Meet You :D

    Hello welcome to TTF Hope you enjoy your stay here
  13. wooh another accomplishment Twice fighting!!~
  14. my mom asked " what do you plan on playing for your sweet 16?" i gave her the full playlist of requested songs most are kpop songs that mainly consist of twice and snsd that will for sure have my non kpop friends jamming out :ty-peek:

  15. My ringtone is currently set to Heart Shaker,