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  1. kawaiionceprinces13


    Hello chris welcome to TTF nce to meet you too i too am also learning korean and other language online via duolingo lol,i hope you enjoy your stay here have fun.
  2. kawaiionceprinces13

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE 10 years later... post-idol careers?

    they'll all still be our queens by then too It seems so cool,i especially agree with tzuyu's,Jeongyeon,momo and sana's possible future career path they all seem pretty accurate overall nice job opand for Chaeyoung as well she so creative too i could definitely see her creating something.
  3. I hope we can see them here soon,it probably won't happen too soon but i'm sure it will happen i just hope they can visit Chicago.
  4. kawaiionceprinces13

    [VID] 180817 TWICE「BDZ」Music Video

    Woah that was great an awesome mix of cute and baddie at the same time
  5. Oh my gosh that's so hilarious and cute,Nayeon is an actual bunny her face expression says it all it's so priceless
  6. First day of junior year was not too shabby but a couple of "haters" are already testing me :jy-srs:

  7. kawaiionceprinces13

    Hello ONCE

    Hello welcome to TTF i hope you enjoy your stay and good luck on the scholarship hope you get it Fighting!
  8. kawaiionceprinces13


    Just proves that our tzuyu ain't someone to mess with
  9. kawaiionceprinces13

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Glad to have you here welcome to TTF and the battlefield mate
  10. It's growing bigger and bigger but the problem is trying to breakthrough other foreign markets especially the western one like many said it's not really a problem in Asia tho since k pop is incredibly big there already.
  11. kawaiionceprinces13

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] Do you like Dahyun blonde?

    yess absolutely she looks fabulous <3
  12. kawaiionceprinces13

    [VID/IG] 180812 TWICE - KCON2018LA (Hi-Touch and Backstage Greetings)

    i wish i was at L.A at that time to get a Hi touch the line up looks awesome this year too
  13. kawaiionceprinces13

    Hello!! i'm new here!

    welcome to TTF glad you found us lolI hope you enjoy your stay make sure to check out all the goodies we have <3
  14. kawaiionceprinces13

    [CHAEYOUNGIST/POLL] Chaeyoung's Hair

    Her long hair is definitely my favorite so beautiful and cute but it wouldn't hurt to see the iconic short hair again
  15. Starting junior year this week y'all pls help mee it's too soon:jy-cry: