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TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
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  1. kawaiionceprinces13

    [INFO] [The Korea Times] Online therapy attracts millennials

    It's also cheaper for me as someone with social anxiety and bipolar disorder it's much easier for me to talk it out online and to access it helped me during exams
  2. kawaiionceprinces13

    [netizenbuzz/nate/naver] Twice prepares for a July comeback

    So many comebacks i can't wait but i really i hope they can rest a bit after this they just had a comeback in not too long ago but yeah i'm excited for their first summer comeback
  3. My bias looking so classy and prettyi love her vocals its really unique <3 Forever young sounds like a bop so far i can't wait for square up
  4. kawaiionceprinces13

    [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    Momo caught my eye because we both share a love for food,she's an awesome dancer and she super chill and laid back
  5. kawaiionceprinces13

    crazy twice fan

    Hi welcome to TTFi hope we can talk more enjoy your stay
  6. kawaiionceprinces13

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Whose name is your favourite?

    Hmm well i like momo's because its so cute and suits her and tuyu's because i think it's unique and her nickname is just so cute
  7. kawaiionceprinces13

    [INFO][The Korea Times] TWICE's Dahyun celebrates her 20th birthday with ONCE

    Such a sweet queen,she's growing up so fast
  8. Has anyone fished the school year yet?,i actually finished on Thursday last week so i can finally post more again:ny-rawr:,I've been sleeping more now too :mn-rest:

  9. kawaiionceprinces13

    A star has entered the server

    Happy 1st anniversary,here's to many more fun memories
  10. Finals this week for me:sn-tt:but after that i'm going to relax for the next 3 months :jh-cute:

    1. Plume


      Fighting mate!!:jh-cheer:

    2. RainbowFluffyPanda


      hope you'll do well :dh-dubu:

    3. kawaiionceprinces13


      last day of school is tomorrow just 2 more finals left:mm-argh:

  11. Happy birthday hope you ate good cake and had  a fun day <3:congrats:

  12. how are ya'll doing?!!!!


    so i have my finals in 2 weeks and my sweet sixteen party that my parents are now planning the last minute, this is going to be more stressful :jy-icu:


    1. MyiMina


      I'm doing good, thank you ! 

      Fighting, buddy ! You got this :ny-yes: 

    2. optzumistic


      i'm fine :ny-mope:

      School is almost over, just hold on:mimo-hug:

    3. kawaiionceprinces13


      i'm trying i hope hopefully with school done the party will be less stressful :mn-uhm:

  13. kawaiionceprinces13

    hello ≧◡≦

    Hi welcome to TTF hope you have fun here p.s btw love ur username lol
  14. kawaii princess finally turns  ~:ny-rawr:



     16 :mm-pdnim:today :dh-eagle:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. RainbowFluffyPanda


      happy birthday :dh-nice:

    3. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Happy birthday yo :tw-juding:

    4. optzumistic


      Happy late birthday :satzu-hug: