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      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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Nayeon's BunnyTooth

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  1. [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    HAHA thats my reaction too~ XD
  2. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    "Sound big big" -dahyun we can understand them HAHA
  3. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    "Great, Good Job!" - Nayeon
  4. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    can i go back to 6pm??? T.T miss them alrdy.. it was soooo funnn, when it came to the 2hr mark, i was like noooo so fast??? dahyun was so funny thou XD imitating the translator XD
  5. kinda sad that i cant chase them tonight and attend the group photo tmr >.< but woots cant wait for Saturday!! getting the merch(minibongsss) and MEETING THEM IN THE FLESHHHHHH OMGMGGGGG

  6. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    click to read the whole thread, wep so the only chance to actually have close interaction is during the group photo shoot i guess
  7. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    enjoy ur friday night with them~~
  8. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    damn sian sia.. and now exam period.. like no mood to study le lol
  9. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    So any1 won?? I missed by 1 seat... Like 4D sia..



    I'M LIKE SOOOO JEALOUS OF THEM RIGHT NOW!! and doubt that there will be such fanservice during SG concert.. due to the venue.. all sitting and the stage doesnt extend to the audience.. DAMMIT! I WANN A SELFIE WITH THEMM!! and celebrate chaeng birthday as well and have a good night with them!!! 

  11. is it too much if i turn thrice just for today? =X  

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Once a thrice always a thrice :sn-stare:

    2. Nayeon's BunnyTooth




  14. [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    u should watch this https://www.instagram.com/p/BR3jFyKjZrW/ HAHA
  15. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Oopz yea my bad just see the front digit haha, so they will send us merch once we register?