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  1. There's a proper ver of the pic in HD HD tho I'll go hunt it
  2. Y'all jealous of my SaTzu badge? Kek, jokes, I can always replace... or can I. Anyway. My suggestion for the official SaTzu badge~ I'll edit dis with a proper edit since the HQ is out now (got this from a pic of the mag)
  3. Please don't go off topic in this thread, any further chat that does not relate to awards will be deleted. Keep in mind there is to be NO fansite pictures for these OTP awards, as most fansites are strict on editing. Have fun suggesting and remember 2na is the ultimate ship!
  4. your banner is wrong

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    2. Haru


      it hasnt been implemented yet but i got dis wan!


    3. patzuyu


      OOOOOO das a beauty

    4. iceblinkjosh


      ur top points weekly is over 9000000

  5. Haru

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    My friend is Indonesian and taught me the basics in return for better English lessons. xD I'm not Indonesian myself~
  6. Haru

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    baik, terima kasih. :P apa kabar? heheheheh great minds think alike!!
  7. Haru

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    hai, nama saya haru, senang bertemu anda!! aku tahu sedikit bahasa Indonesia, tapi saya hanya ingin menyapa
  8. Haru

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    cheer up !
  9. Sana's wavy blonde hair is everything, her teaser w/ Chaeng and Yoda comes out soon, can't wait for her individual ahhhhhhhh