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  1. Made this figure

    Awesome, this is a must collect
  2. [CHAEYOUNGIST][FAN ART] Chaeng~casso

    So cute....
  3. 7 DAYS OLD?

    Welcome welcome welcome, Mimarish. Hope you have enjoyed your time here and it does take some time to get use to but the emoticons are great. Have fun!!!
  4. I got Nayeon. Not complaining but kinda wanted my bias. Maybe I am complaining. XD
  5. Hi im new to the forum

    Welcome welcome welcome, Lê "Mina" Minh Nhật. About the wallpaper, you can search the fanarts section. It has the most awesome artworks. Hope you like it here
  6. hi...im new here

    Cool...., hope to see you around
  7. Neww

    Welcome welcome welcome, fellow Malaysian. Hope you like it here and hope we can be friends
  8. Just say hi.

    Welcome welcome welcome, ChildGun. Nice to meet you too and hope you enjoy your time here

    Hello, "grandpa". XD. Hope you enjoy your time here
  10. Hello to the New Members!

    Welcome welcome welcome, JokbalManiaMomo. Hope you like it here and hope we can be friends
  11. Hi

    Welcome welcome welcome, DubusLover. Hppe you like it here and we can become friends. Enjoy!!!
  12. Jeongyeon x MLB

    Jeongyeon has all the badassery in this one
  13. questionable introduction

    Welcome welcome welcome, Nakebi. Hope you like it here and thank your friend for introducing you here. Enjoy!!!
  14. 1 year already?

    Congrats, @minassi !!! Hope the forum will continue to flourish
  15. New member

    Welcome welcome welcome, Isjye78. Hope you like it here and continue your support here. Enjoy your time here!!!