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ChewyYoda <3

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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    Yum Bingsu
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    Hani T-Ara
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    8/10 Palette - IU
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    Downpour - I.O.I
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    HELLO WELCOME TO TTF It's good to see another Tzuyu stan
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    Username/Name: Chewy Yoda <3 Fanboy [/], Fangirl [] Birthday/Age:Oct. 7, 1997 Location: Quezon City SNS Account/s: Your Favorite Twice Member: Can't Decide Other Kpop Groups That You Like: BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, RED VELVET, AOA, WJSN, APINK, EXID, SNSD AND MANY MORE. Message: It's good to have a Co-Filipino Once's here, Nice to meet you guys. Kamsa
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    False the person below is pretty/handsome
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    Knock Knock - 588 Melting - 593 TT (TAK Remix) - 599
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    Passing the MCing to @Ooh-Ahh
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    HAHAHA! You get it Right :)