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  1. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    Current username: a.h. Username requesting: Ahn Haeju
  2. From Vietnam with love

    welcome bro welcome with love =3
  3. [GAME] Roleplay Game

    [Sana] Also myself! If you could go somewhere far, where would it be?
  4. [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    Oh thanks for the gif, that's beautiful :)

    Lights off Let them do what they want
  6. [GAME] Roleplay Game

    [chaeyoung] starfruit if you were reborn, what would you like to be?
  7. nayeon jeongyeon momo snaa jihyo minw dagyin chaeyong tzuyu
  8. [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    You're so good in Biology!
  9. The Yourself Appreciation Thread

    ".....His username is Haeju. Ahn Haeju. Is he Korean? I don't know! No one knows. People say he can speak Korean but he always dodges any questions related to his identity. So mysterious..... All I know about him is that he's unique. He is friendly to everyone. If you talk to him, it's like he can feel what you feel. He is bubbly, a type that suits to be a girl's best friend. But, at the same time, there is this side that makes him so charismatic. He is gentle and caring. Actually, Haeju is socially awkward and that's obvious from how he acts. He can understand people individually but he just can't understand how society works. It's not rare that he loses in conversation, slowly disappears from chatbox, or just being opened and suddenly tells people how he feels. Weird! Needs to be taken care a lot. But it's just what makes him stands out from the other people. He gets my attention......" - Love Harbor (2017)
  10. Not everyone was born this perfect~
    (Finally a song that I can relate!)




    1. Plume


      Poppy is weird and cute at the same time. But I love this song so much :jy-derp:

    2. a.h.


      Ikrr good song!

      Her videos are too creepy I can't watch :mm-ehh:But yes she is cute >.<

    3. Plume


      :mn-judging:Yeah too creepy I can't watch this also

  11. [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    I like love Jihyo's wavy hair in my dp! Her hairstyle is my main reason why I choose that pic for dp in the first place >.<

    I guess not everyone is destined to wear jeans Well I hope one day you'll be able to try one, maybe it will look pretty on you ^^

    What I love about this comeback :)