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  1. Guuuuys, wish me luck today I'm going to meet my professors! >.< I feel so restless. Anyway fighting!!! :sn-tt::ny-tough:

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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Thanks guys! It was indeed scary but it went kinda well. My feelings are mixed right now but your comments make me feel good. I love you all~ :sn-lub:

    3. MinaThePenguin
    4. Sudipto


      wew LOVE YOU :sn-muah::sn-heart:

  2. I found out that my cousin was a Once! Whoa, that was so surprising. It was so awkward to talk about Twice irl haha, but that made me happy. He was a Tzuyu stan. Actually I made him to register here but I dont think he is active :( But anyway I'm happy to know another Once exists irl lel >.<
  3. Would you like to buy badges and figures?

    Wow that's cool! It looks really good. Also I'm happy to meet a Korean Once here on TTF. Nice to meet you and good luck! ^^b
  4. Because of recent accident, SHINee Onew's image has been ruined. Media makes him looks so bad , so does netizen. People need to know that he is gentle and soft. Our Lee Jinki is NOT a bad person...


  5. [GUIDE] List of all TWICE Albums + Inclusions

    Yeah, exactly. Having it all in one place iirc:
  6. [GUIDE] List of all TWICE Albums + Inclusions

    You can find the guide of Twice pcs (and probably all merchs) in another thread somewhere in this forum~
  7. There is already a threat about this, I just want to copy what I wrote there :p




    (I just like to rank them in everything lel sorry) :p

    1. Mina (sexy) and Chaeyoung (tough) (but both are perfect for girl crush concept! Maybe that's why Michaeng always looks so real hmm.....)

    2. Jihyo (I know I'm not biased when she is not in the first place hehe)

    3. Jeongyeon (tough) and Momo (sexy)



    4. Sana (just a little bit better than Tzuyu)

    5. Tzuyu (she's orginally so beautiful lel) :))

    6. Nayeon (maybe only in this video hmm)

    7. Dahyun (so cute!!! T.T)



    1. Ahn Haeju
    2. MinaThePenguin


      Interesting *thinking face*

  8. [DISCUSSION] Who would be awkward in a sexy concept?

    Are you guys really ready for sexy concept on Twice??? By the way I think Dahyun was not that awkward here:
  9. I want to bring this one to my home~ >.< cr. tryou1414 This is the type of random lady you got crush on at the airport >.< cr. attheend21
  10. How to be a BLACK SWAN 101* : - Wear all-dark (optional) - Open your mouth a little (optional) - BE VERY GORGEOUS AF!!! Cr. studioPARN *Terms and conditions: Only Mina can do it lol
  11. Lol Anyway I hope Twice won't do sexy/hot concept for their comeback. It's okay for a special stage, but not for their album. At least not anytime soon pls~ Btw poor our girls are struggling bcs of the sexy concept :'3
  12. Another friend of mine just got married!!! :cy-omg: 

    She is the second person in my class who have married. That means there are nineteen people left. Yeah, there were not so much students in my class because it was a special class. It was called an acceleration class, means that we cut 1 year to finish our school. That program was for freaks really-smart students who had passed some tests. The program was so hard for me since I'm not genius, unlike my classmates. But I'm really happy become one of them. It was a small class, only 22 of us. So we were all close to each other >.< :jy-cute:

    As you can see in my profile, I'm 23 years old now. Same as Nayeon :ny-soju: I know they all are already success with their life. They already on a bright path. But I'm not sure why my friends are so hurry in getting married hmm..... I'm not even starting to find a girl yet! :p The reason for that is not just because I'm kinda immature lel, but I'm still struggling with life. I'm too late to graduate from college now and my career life is still so dark. I have no future yet. Well, I'm just trying to face what's in front of me now. Maybe the faster I can get married is at the age of 27 and it's still so long~ :mm-tt:

    Anyway because of that now I'm trying to enjoy my youth. I become as childish as possible, thinking that I'm still an innocent school boy. Life is hard sometimes, but meh, I have you guys here >.< All of you make me feel accepted and loved~ :sn-lub: But of course.... One day I hope I can join my 22 squad (one has died actually) again. When the time comes I'm gonna tell them that I have became a successful man too with a lovely wife who always supports me. I wish..... :')

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    2. DubusLover


      It's so moving ?

    3. StylishDoge


      I forget we're not all the same age here on TTF :ty-lol::sn-shy: 

    4. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Am I too old? ._.a