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  1. To be honest, I see Nayeon is kinda "like Momo", but not that obvious. Being not smart is not a bad thing tho. It's cute :P And no one is flawless anyway~
  2. [DISCUSSION] Another SIGNAL Theory is REVEALED!

    Ooh thanks omooo >.< yeah, low-key lol, idk~~~
  3. Nayeon is smart? That's new lol jk
  4. I'm glad to write this one as it's based on my life, more less :p


    Title: ONE MORE TIME (Final Part)

    Characters: Sana, Haeju

    Story: Simply about Haeju trying not to cry lel


  5. TWICE Drops Trailer For Comeback With “Likey”

    Aah so the album title will be 'Twicetagram'. Actually, kinda predictable they will use this concept soon or later. But I'm still hyped!!!
  6. Hello from NZ!

    You come to a right place, dear. Enjoy your stay here ^^ Don't forget to visit our discord~~
  7. Hello

    Thanks to Twice you are here. Welcome to TTF ^^

    Prof, will you attend Once gathering in Bandung? Fighting!!!!
  9. HI

    so hello there nice to meet you hehe ^^
  10. Hey y'all

    Weww from OH? I hope you enjoy this friendly forum lel jk :p
  11. Annyeuuuuung

    ayy I meant it -_-
  12. 안녕

    Ehhh I'm not ^^" Yay, usually Michaeng or Mochaeng as far as I know :( Aww thx for supporting >.<
  13. [enter-talk] WOW TWICE ARE DAEBAK

    LOL XD ikrrr~