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  1. Looking so good 😊😊😊


  2. Chillax's lyrics are cool too! Typical summer song lyrics but it's kinda meaningful in some points. You should check it out!
  3. If I think about it, neither do I know why it's lesa cute even though I said it by myself Yeah, I agree that Twice's concept generally is never 'cute'. I think it's more as 'fresh' (as Momo did say so). Why not cute? I'm not sure... Maybe because Sana doesn't sing the chorus? ._. She almost always sings her parts cutely. That's being said, the chorus of the song gives big impact to how people judge the song :o There's no shy shy shy move as well in the dance (eh?) There's no "flower face" as well. Even in WIL, on Tzuyu's part in the chorus, the dance is cutely seductive (ehhh?) In DTNA, the concept are just swimming and playing with the sand.
  4. The dance is so energetic and detailed, I guess that's why it's hard. I like DTNA dance the most compared to the other title tracks. I know it's tiring for them but I wanna see more like this in the future >.< They say some, if it's not all, of the moves are made by Jyp himself. He's always admirable when it comes to dance, especially when the dance is not meant to be cute like this. Twice slays it effortlessly. I bet they practice so hard to achieve that :o
  5. Ahn Haeju

    [DISCUSSION] Opinions on Dance The Night Away

    omo so cute :)) I know right, it's tiring to remind them. TTF is so messy ^^"
  6. Ahn Haeju

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    Let me add this on the main post, may I? You will be credited ^^
  7. Yeah, people don't consider her process smh... Momo gets a looot better. Once know her the best than those random netizens
  8. aww it's expensive indeed for a student, especially for some currencies. it's hard for me to buy one :')
  9. Thankiees~ I hope you'll get one soon :) Dropshippers from instagram~ Check out #twicealbum there
  10. Twice is lucky to have Tzuyu :) Meanwhile, Tzuyu is tired to be complimented because of her visual. She wants to be complimented because of her skills too :') I like your signature. Poor Kwangsoo :')
  11. It came across of my mind once. I thought that maybe Sana acting so cute because of the money. It scared me to realize that maybe she only cared about the money. Well, maybe not only money. But also fame and the supports from the fan, especially from the male ones. It's not wrong to work hard, but it's just sad to see her forcing herself. I was thinking like this when I read about her zodiac sign, by the way. But after observing more about her and re-thinking about it, I realize that she's not that fake. I'm a Once for more than a year now. We are all Once, we know who Sana right? Regular netizens don't know who Sana is and it's their right to make some assumptions. But we know who Sana is, right? Don't be affected by some opinions, we know the truth better ^^ Sana is Sana. Not an aegyo machine, not a snake, not a fox. Just..... ...just Sana!
  12. Look at her expression after singing the song (in the video above)! She was aware that she had made a mistake. She was doomed. To be complimented 'cute' by the MC... She knew that she wasn't really complimented because of her singing skill. So sad, don't you think? Knowing your weakness is a sign that you're making a process. I'm sure Momo tries hard to balance her singing and dancing skill as well. I assume singing is just too hard for her. I think it's hard as well to spend her time to practice singing properly as she's not a trainee anymore. But knowing that Momo tries to improve herself (in any way) is good enough for me. Yes, an idol is usually a singer and dancing. But since Sixteen, Momo is added to Twice to be the lead dancer. That's her role here. Twice doesn't have to always follow how usually a girl group works. Twice is Twice. Momo is Momo. I will be disappointed if as a dance leader Momo made some terrible mistakes while dancing for several times, but she's not. She's so good doing her role. I'm proud of her.
  13. I'm so happy that I spend all my savings to buy Twice's Summer Nights :3 :cy-cutie:

    I'm buying the A version (sea/blue). I like its individual photos when they take our girls from low angel. I think it's cool. The cover is cool as well, but I think I like C version's cover more (night/black) hmm~ :ny-hmm:

    I have been writing my 'Twice x Haeju' fanfic for almost a year now. I decided to end it at 100th chapter. 12 chapters more to go! :') I end it because I remember all the movie's sequels, TV series, or comics that don't know where to stop. The story needs an ending, that's what makes it precious. That's what I think ^^ My lead character has learnt a lot from her journey, so I think this is the right time to end her journey. She gets a happy ending with Twice. I just need to close the story well >.< Also, lowkey I run out of ideas. I'm afraid if I continue writing it, I will be boring with it. I also don't have many times many times to write these days. So busy with work T-T 

    Last, I'm moving today. I've been renting a room in someone's place that near my workplace. It's a really comfortable place, but sadly it's kinda pricey. My family decides that me living in a my own house is better. It's kinda sad because it will be tiring to go back to home that's so far from the workplace after this. I really like this place. It has an air conditioner and good neighborhood. It's beside a shopping center. Eventhough it's hard, I need to say good bye :')

    It's a farewell... But these days I try to be active on TTF and I get a lot of new friends. Thinking about it makes me feel better~ :ty-fingerheart:


    about my previous status update, yeah you can ignore it. i will take care of myself. i cannot share the details, obviously. sorry for that. anyway, thanks for the support you guys give, i know you do ❤❤❤