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  1. Yes, it's today! :D

    I enjoyed it so much. I did my task, had a good chat with new friends, ate good foods, watched good new shows.... Maybe a little bit frustated with my singing, but overall I still enjoyed it :) By the way yesterday was fun too. Yesterday was special too ^^

    It will be perfect if today is ended by a beautiful dream. Hope to see some good people there~ Haha you tell me!

    I had a good time today, congrats, I really can't do it without you! I hope you enjoy your day too. Yes..... It's because of today :)

  2. Twice
  3. Yeah I think it will be awesome
  4. http://forums.teamtwice.com/forum/53-support-suggestions/ Lol What did you do there? :O
  5. Oh I get it now! It's like an online photocard album, right? Interesting idea!!! But I guess it's better for you to write your ide in suggestion section since it's related with the forum, if I'm not wrong understanding your idea. http://forums.teamtwice.com/forum/53-support-suggestions/
  6. Aah... I see! Thanks
  7. Good videos! :O But what is this 'α group', first time hearing it?
  8. Oh I like that!
  9. It was from a book I read..........

  10. Haha good luck there :p
  11. Hi dear, good to see you here ^^ Hows the maknae squad?
  12. Yes please ^^ Thank you~
  13. If I want my custom member title back to uncustomized, should I pay?
  14. T-MAGENTA (Dark Concept) TWICAPELLA (Acapella or... maybe playing instrumentals intstead) 4+ (Singing children songs) TWICE TALE (Ballad)
  15. Haha I know that feeling I guess we only can waiy for your attendance one day :')
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