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  1. Ahn Haeju


    lel you're welcome so, you like zombies? :))
  2. Ahn Haeju


    ikrrrrrr it's so cool! I'm optimist that they will make an even better new MV in the future
  3. oh gosh it's embarrassing sorry, I can only remember his face
  4. I haven't been angry to anyone for months until right now. Just know! There was a friend of mine who is so arrogant. She is cool, carefree, but her way of talking is rough. She likes to push and slaps my back as she thinks she's "above" me. I hate that kind of person. Born to be a bully lol... Usually, I treated her normally tho. I acted bubbly as usual.

    At one moment, I was kinda yelled by a senior radiologist because I reacted slowly while taking care of my patient. I was okay with that but my friend pushed me. She said something that made me looked bad. Inside of my heart, I was like,"ENOUGH!!!" I pushed her back and yelled (not loud enough tho),"Stop pushing me!" I was angry at someone again after a very long time.....

    I'm done being nice to her. I know that I might need her help in the future but I will take that risk. I will avoid her and won't treat her as a friend anymore. Huh, such annoying girl! Intimidating. I really hate that kind of person.

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    2. Phebe
    3. chaerrybear


      Tell her & make her understand what's wrong so you could try to solve it out. It's always better to solve problems than to run away from them. :)

    4. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @chaerrybear I'm not the best when it comes to talking. You're true but, huh, it's like she will take my problem seriously

  5. Guuuuuyyyysssss~~:sn-hi:

    I love you! ❤❤ :sn-lub: Kekekekekeke....

    How are you? :sn-smthing:I hope you're doing well and happy ^^

    It's kinda a rough week for me because I have no time to update my fanfic :sn-tt:

    But it's okay, I made some new friends and that's cool :sn-muah:

    Right now, I miss Tzuyu >.< I hope our maknae is doing well. I hope Sana gets the attention from Once that she deserves :)) I hope Jihyo finally realizes the hidden gayness inside her xD :sn-lol:

    Hbu? What's your wish for your bias?~ :sn-aww:

    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      No complain about life ... I'm having time of life after 2 years xD also new adventures coming up and I get to stay with my best friends for another 3 months :mm-shy:

      And I just want TWICE gets enough rest I won't be saying anything about individual member ... after TWICELAND they need rest :ny-yes:

  6. well, maybe you don't realize it don't you like to be praised and admire by other people? :p
  7. But you have this queen/king-like personality. You care with people and, somehow, I think you also love attention.
  8. Ahn Haeju


    I love the aesthetic of Cheer Up concept the most. It also gives each members a unique persona KK is fun. Candy Pop and TT japan looks so cool. Likey is executed so well (I like the setting (Canada) and the song is really enjoyable) But WIL mv is probably my favorite so far
  9. Ahn Haeju


    ikr :D
  10. Appreciate beauty and loves stability is that true?