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  1. I like to relate Twice members with myself or people around me.

    Personally, I'm a little bit like Nayeon. I act as the younger member in a group even though I'm the oldest one there. But I appear as Mina since I don't talk a lot. I like to listen to people's story and react to them instead of telling them my own story. Talking about myself in front of my friends mostly doesn't make me feel comfortable.

    I have a friend who looks like Mina. Not the personality, but the face. And yes, she is beautiful. She is a nice girl as well. It's been a while since I haven't met her hmm.... Recently, I find a girl who represents Sana. This girl is so innocent. She is plain, cheerful, loud, smile widely, and a hardworker. She is kinda a social awkward. I find her blank personality admirable. She's smart tho. She reads a lot so she knows a lot of things. I think, just like Sana who's so advance in learning languages. I also used to have a friend who looked like Tzuyu (but short). Most of the time, she appeared like a queen: Charismatic and royal. Her friends called her 'Princess' as her nick name. Just like Tzuyu, she doesn't talk a lot either.....

    Ah, the last but not least, I have a little cousin who resembles Jihyo. Ohh I love her so much! She is chubby and has a good hair. She is loud, super friendly, smart, and confident. She was 4 when I met her. She is so cute, unfortunately she can't sing haha X'D

    I'd love to meet more people who resemble Twice irl. I also want to know new people woth their own unique characteristics. I think it's great to discover many varieties of human personality. For me, people are so fuuuuun to explore~~~ Hehe... :D

    1. Phebe


      Am I Sana? Sounds a lot like me xD