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Ahn Haeju

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  1. I just had a bad dream and sorry, Nayeon, I made you mad there
  2. The worrier girl, Yoo Jeongyeon :3 cr, parn
  3. Ahn Haeju


  4. ((The game is inspired by this thread: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/532070/answer-my-question-with-a-question/)) The rule is simple. You just need to answer the question above you with a question only! Well, are you exciting to play this game?
  5. Ahn Haeju


    I found this game on http://www.soshified.com/forums/topic/78236-lights-on-lights-off/ (by @speedthief) and I think it's really interesting because it's FUNNY and it needs CREATIVITY! I hope I can play it with my fellow Onces The rule is simple. Look at a post above you. If the light is on you can turn it off, vice versa. You need to give a reason too. Be creative! Remember to QUOTE! Okay I'll start it. Lights on, I'm admiring my Knock Knock album!
  6. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    This game is inspired from https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/194689/magical-soda-machine-game/ One day you discover a soda machine that can give you anything you want! You just need to insert anything to get something else. But make sure to insert the 'right' thing so you can get what you want because your prize is decided by the next person below you! Easy right? Don't forget to quote the person above you, okay? Let me start, please read my mind.......... INSERT: My homework
  7. cr. twitter.com/JYPETWICE Who would they be if Twice members were the heroes in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)? NAYEON: The Self-Proclaimed Leader IRON MAN JEONGYEON: The Most Dangerous Woman in The Universe GAMORA MOMO: The Undoubtedly Strong HULK SANA: The Cutie Neighborhood SPIDERMAN JIHYO: The Born-Leader CAPTAIN AMERICA MINA: The Wise and Rich DOCTOR STRANGE DAHYUN: The Unapproved Leader STAR-LORD CHAEYOUNG: The Princess From a Hidden Kingdom BLACK PANTHER TZUYU: The Total Badass BLACK WIDOW I think it will be cool if one day they make an Avengers parody. Like a comedy sketch or something. It's already interesting to see them copying some movie characters in WIL, pretending to have superpowers in SIGNAL. I'd love to see those concepts combined in an Avengers parody To read my Twice fanfic where they pretend to be Marvel heroes, click here
  8. God blesses people who Park Jihyo loves and cares about cr. STAR IDOL NEWS
  9. Ahn Haeju

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    lol yeah both the flash and the actor (movie version)
  10. Ahn Haeju

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    Flash is a Blink
  11. credits to all pictures: Twiceland Zone 2 Japan Photobook SCAN by Vampire This is what I imagine if Twice members were angels in heaven. Please feel free to fill what I miss! NAYEON JEONGYEON MOMO SANA JIHYO MINA DAHYUN CHAEYOUNG TZUYU I'd like to hang out with all the angels (duh). But I think I'll be kinda biased to Jeongyeon and Momo. There are two things that I like in this world: Foods and discussion. Lol! Would be great if I can find them both in heaven Anyway, I hope I can be more active again here in TTF >.< Nice to meet you if I haven't met you before~ credits to all pictures: Twiceland Zone 2 Japan Photobook SCAN by Vampire
  12. To my beloved friends, to anyone who passes by and reads this, and especially, to myself......


    The Process Matters
    by a.h.

    we take the stairs to reach the top
    not just by imagining our self already up there
    the process matters

    sometimes it hurts to grow up
    it always hurts to learn the truth
    but the process matters

    in the end of the journey, you won't just arrive at your destination
    but you will learn the route, you'll know how to come back home
    that's why the process matters

    the process matters


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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @JokbalManiaMomo I'm glad that somehow it inspires you :D Yes, ans it's also a reminder for myself ^^

    3. JeongJeong


      Yes, often people are too rushed to get good results, but now as I try harder and can imagine how would I be without my hard work, I'm able to understand now.

      Good poem by the way! :sn-lub:

    4. LinYuBear


      smh I can't get anything even though I work hard :mn-tt:

  13. Who is your TWICE girlfriend? Click here: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/10405964/Who-is-your-TWICE-girlfriend
  14. I'm bored. May I post random things here? :jy-jks:


    I see that someone really hate you and want you to be broken. I think when you're really lose because that, you're just doing them a favor. You're strong if you're not affected by that. I know you're strong tho (at least, more than me) in front of online humiliation. BUT the most important thing to remember is it's okay to lose. It's not a crime to lose, especially in something stupid like this. I'm proud of with your decision to leave for a while. For me, the best solution to face online bullying is leaving it. It's not a real-life bullying anyway. People online are all fake (including me?). Well, I guess including you as well. We're all fake here, right? :')

    Anyway, how are you now?


  15. Ahn Haeju

    [Discussion] What if Twice were angels?

    Nayeon as anything. Forever :')
  16. Ahn Haeju

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    Yes I have watched it and I don't read the comics. Anyway, nothing's wrong with gender bending. This is just for fun. That's not even my intention to imagine them as guys from the first place Don't correct me unnecessarily Oh lol, now I want her to be the Spiderman Omg yesssss she will be so cute in that Spiderman suit :3
  17. My love, my bae, my bias, my one and only: SANAAAAAAAAA~~~ >.< cr. sanacottoncandy
  18. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    I love myself a lot
  19. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] Who is your TWICE girlfriend?

    Sana again and agaaaainn~
  20. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME ]I love the person above me because...

    I love the person above me because he is a Japanese (is that true?)
  21. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    Get: A bow and arrows? Insert: A panda