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  1. src. TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL Youtube Channel What do you think guysss???
  2. Watch the eng subbed video here: https://mobile.twitter.com/Tworrtis/status/1030134245556015104 cr. TworrtiSub
  3. Ahn Haeju

    [VID/ENG/TWT] BDZ Narration M/V Translation

    You're welcoome~
  4. Ahn Haeju

    [VID] 180817 TWICE「BDZ」Music Video

    the album will be released on September ^^
  5. dammit you PANNNNNNN!!!! lel This is so tru Twice we love you
  6. I'm not a fan of Somi but I'm excited with her new gg. Iiric former 6mixs and sixteen contestants will be there too. Will definitely support them!
  7. wow, TTF is not dead, is it? :ny-shock:



    IN THE HELL (by. ah.)

    The rain fell
    I was pulled to the hole
    But they were in a good mood last night...
    Why in the hell did I laugh along?

    Who is he
    Meet me in the forest and I'll kiss you
    Lost in the middle of the buildings
    Why did I see your smile in the first place?

    The sun will never appear at night


    1. TendyLoops


      It won't die as long as there's TWICE :dh-swag:

  8. Ahn Haeju

    [VID] 180817 TWICE「BDZ」Music Video

    I'm satisfied as well! The concept is great. In the world where loveliness (or 'Lovelies') is taken, Twice is already lovely by nature 💜💜 They're so badazz and lovely at the same time, this comeback is awesome.
  9. Look at my gender 💀💀

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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @syko wew lucky you~ It's been a tiring half of year for me and it's still going :')

      Ohh I know Gidle! I like their song, Latata, I added it in my personal spotify list hehe :ny-hey: I guess I should check out Loona, I've heard that name a lot of times now... I've been listening to Blackpink Ddu Du and Red Velvet Power Up these days. Mamamoo and Momoland too. Trying to widen my knowledge in new gen Kpop groups~:jh-pretty:

    3. syko


      @Ahn Haeju check out Hann if you haven't already, it's gidle's new song and imo it's better than latata :sn-pew: 

      Honestly I'm not super into loona, I only know like half of their names and I can only attach three of them to faces :jy-jks: I just like their songs. I am kinda obsessed with gidle tho :dh-heh: 

      Yeah I a lot of the recent songs released have been really good... I've been sucked into watching too many groups :dh-wut: 

      and good luck with your studies, you can do it :ny-tough: 

    4. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @syko oh yeaah! loona has so many members. I like this summer because all the songs sound nice. I think the GGs own this year hmm~ many people have said so...
      Awww thank you! Good luck with your study too :)

  10. Ahn Haeju

    [enter-talk] WOW IS TWICE FOR REAL...?ㄷㄷ

    I don't regret buying those albums ㅋㅋㅋ

    1. Phebe


      Too much work for these girls :ty-angry:

    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @Phebe it's not surprising it comes from you lel :ny-gummy:

    3. Phebe


      @Ahn Haeju You wanna go? :ny-wut:

  12. everyone has their own version of darkness...



    Red Dark Dream

    by a.h.


    Let's meet in the forest
    Play wih your red lips
    I won't laugh, not like everyday
    With you I won't be cute

    Tell me where your home is
    Mad at me as you should
    Let's play with your red lips
    Let's escape from the reality


    1. LinYuBear


      this picture will keep me from being bias-wrecked for a while

  13. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] Roleplay Game

    Basically the same with ASK THE NEXT PERSON game. Answer the question above you and give another question for the person below you. BUT you're going to pretend as the Twice members! Pick one member you like to answer the question above you. Each member has their own personality. Pick Tzuyu if you want to be savage, pick Jeongyeon if you wanna joke but not funny (eh?), pick Momo if your answer is food-related, etc. I don't know, be creative and imaginative! Also, please respect each other's answers, okay? ;) Here is the first question: What's your hobby?
  14. Ahn Haeju


    I found this game on http://www.soshified.com/forums/topic/78236-lights-on-lights-off/ (by @speedthief) and I think it's really interesting because it's FUNNY and it needs CREATIVITY! I hope I can play it with my fellow Onces The rule is simple. Look at a post above you. If the light is on you can turn it off, vice versa. You need to give a reason too. Be creative! Remember to QUOTE! Okay I'll start it. Lights on, I'm admiring my Knock Knock album!
  15. Ahn Haeju

    [!!!] AUGUST EVENT


  16. Ahn Haeju

    [EVENT] Be Active And Get Rewarded !

    Wow, good luck, TTF! Should I participate?
  17. sometimes I'm too quite as well irl so I'm amazed to know that quiet people are attractive too :O
  18. I just met a Thrice lel :jy-jks:

    She is my new friend. Her name means 'a light at night'. It's a pretty name, right? (I will call her LIGHT here to protect her privacy). Light is so nice, kinda quiet, peaceful, but cheerful as well. I've known her for two months now but I can't see her and her group for the next one month. Her group is kinda cool. It contains 9 members, just like Twice, but not all girls. My group used to contain 9 members as well but one person left. Light is an interesting person and so are her friends. I know all of their astrology signs tho :O They are...

    Anyway, I love them all! Including Light even though she's a Thrice (but I won't talk about Twice with her, duh) :cuties:

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    2. Phebe


      @Ahn Haeju I'm now interested in diamond hoe's and tsundere males

    3. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      @Phebe wut lol chill :mm-whut:

    4. Phebe


      @Ahn Haeju My friend Jeanne dared me to reply with that lmao

  19. Ahn Haeju

    my beautiful candy bong is here♡

    envyyyyyyyyy >.<
  20. Although she likes it, please don't :( Comparing her with the comedians are just too much. That's a really competitive area. It will be hard for her. It's more comfortable to see her as a funny idol than a gag-woman. 'Innocent and girlish' theme probably is not "deep", but it doesn't mean it's not "powerful". A teenage theme can sell well too, even better than the deep ones sometimes. I think it's better for Chaeyoung to have one big theme for her works. Sort of like a signature. As a start, I think her uniqueness will be the way to create a fan community rather than being general. If she stays relevant to the current trend once in a while, I don't think it will be hard to stay on the path. She has a big name anyway. Momo will surely need to be under something bigger than herself to be safe. It will be the best for her to work for JYPe or a company like that. Maybe even work with the other members. Momo will be a great mother tho! Maybe she will get married early aww >.< Your concern about her cannot teach people well because her dancing talent is a gift is not really a huge deal. People know that she is really good in dancing and people will trust her to be a choreographer. Momo has a name too as a Twice member, so she will be prioritized on everything.
  21. Aww poor Mina~ Let's not just her only by her past kekeke... Although her interests and talents are gray, she's still the smartest member in Twice. She's kinda competitive as well. I think she will be a solo-singer anyway as she likes singing sooo much. Her introvert aura is interesting enough to sell, as much as to be appreciated from its aesthetic side.
  22. I think her long-termed career will be something that has a solid form, not just variety show offers or even hosting a certain show. Sana is surely aiming to be a variety queen while she's having fun with it today. The idea about her involved into beauty-thingy is not bad. I don't think she is good in business and making big decisions. So, any of her business or projects will use her 'name' as their main strength.
  23. I think she will be proud to continue her family's legacy to be in a culinary business. Idol opening a restaurant is common as well so she will most likely do that. Probably, her first restaurant will be a collab with some other members. Momo is the best nominee since she puts a huge interest in foods. It can be Jihyo, Nayeon, or her no-jam dongsaeng, Chaeyoung. But I also want her to take some acting jobs as well, I think she will be good at it. She also already has a girl-crush persona so drama-writers who need such character will likely think about her.
  24. first of all, WOW everyone has their own different dreams about Twice :o Yours is cool, I don't see that coming