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  1. [GAME] last thing you did

  2. [0.00]

    Guys, please congratulate my @Twice's Bias for having her first year on TTF. She is so popular, especially in chatbox, so I'm sure most of you know her. She has been a great accompany for me. So special for all us. I won't say much I might sound cheesy. Anyway....

    Happy TTF anniversary, tb~ 👼


  3. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Jeongyeon teases Nayeon again ambut this time she sees it coming. 'But why love potions,' She asks herself. She is a little bit shy to hear that. "W.. We... We will see about that!" She yells. Nayeon nudges Mina, asking for a support to answer Jeongyeon.
  4. [GAME] Roleplay Game

    Basically the same with ASK THE NEXT PERSON game. Answer the question above you and give another question for the person below you. BUT you're going to pretend as the Twice members! Pick one member you like to answer the question above you. Each member has their own personality. Pick Tzuyu if you want to be savage, pick Jeongyeon if you wanna joke but not funny (eh?), pick Momo if your answer is food-related, etc. I don't know, be creative and imaginative! Also, please respect each other's answers, okay? ;) Here is the first question: What's your hobby?
  5. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Only my bias? So, Sana or Jihyo hmm.... Actually, I wanna tell them how great they are for me. As a first sentence from a comma, that would be funny. I think a friendly smile and a dramatic "[Name]....... I love you" would be perfect :)) Who am I?
  6. [GAME] Tag!

    try again
  7. [GAME] Can you guess which member is it ?

    @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu your turn
  8. [GAME] Roleplay Game

    [Tzuyu] But can I sleep alone instead? What will you do if someone toucha your spaghett?
  9. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Avengers Never-Ending Series of War Who are you, describe in 3 words?
  10. [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    The trailer of a movie that I create by myself When was the last time you smile genuinely?
  11. Continue the story~!

    Because Sana doesn't watch Dragon Ball, she runs away from them to the forest. She bumps to someone and it's Jeongyeon! "Ya, you come back from the death!" She exclaims.
  12. [GAME] Have you ever?

    Nope, but I would love to try their white noodle. I watch about it somewhere, looks delicious... Have you ever mesmerized by a really beautiful rare scenery?
  13. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    Had a bad date with Tzuyu (but would be sad whoever she was) :( I think, there wouldn't be less drama with Tzuyu, at least Would you rather sharing pizza with Sana or Jihyo?
  14. [GAME] last thing you did

    Got a panic attack accompanied by Jihyo
  15. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Nayeon notices someone is hiding behind a table. Not sure what that person is doing, Nayeon calls her, "O, Mina? What are you doing there? Come here!" Nayeon pulls Momo away. "I say this cafe is ready to run. All the things are already set," She says while approaching Mina. "Guys, I will learn to serve the coffees from Mina as she knows how to do it. I don't know about you but I will surely be the barista. Choose whoever you wanna be, up to you. But no one can stop me....!" She glares at Jeongyeon as she is addressing the last sentence to her.
  16. [INFO] TWICE Stays Strong With “Heart Shaker”

    I know right, so sad :')
  17. [INFO] TWICE Stays Strong With “Heart Shaker”

    Look how skinny Sana is :')
  18. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    Ship! Ship me... (eh?) Would you rather losing wifi for days or your girlfriend? T-T
  19. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Nayeon says while approaching Momo, "I wanna be the barista and Jeongyeon didn't let meee....!" She links her arm on hers. " She made me to stand in front of the cafe instead, attracting customers. That's not cool~"
  20. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Nayeon passes the bag and jacket to Sana