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  1. Hello! [Intro]

    Hello and welcome to TTF!
  2. hi!

    Hello and welcome to TTF!
  3. 2+2 is 4

     -1 that's 3

     Quick maths

    1. Plume


      :mn-derp:Everyday man's on the block

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  6. So Nayeon and Chaeyoung were shopping together and: https://youtu.be/nlm2O_ydbCU

    Senpai noticed him:sn-lol:same laugh but different hairstyle 

    1. patzuyu


      OMG what did they see that made them laugh so much i have no idea aaaaa

    2. RyuJ



      check that thread lol, he already took selcas with a few members in the past so maybe they remembered him and he was filming from under the escalator during that fanmeeting lol

    3. patzuyu


      LMAOOO i think i've seen that dude's selcas with the members, 10/10 would also lie under an escalator to be noticed by sana banana :ny-lol: