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The Story Begins
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  1. Skallix

    Hello From California

    Hi Haley and welcome to TTF !
  2. 1. Jeongyeon 2. Never go to a TWICE concert 3. Reject Nayeon's confession 4. Be a thrice for the rest of your life 5. TWICE disbanding 6. Dahyun cheating on me 7. Get dumped by Nayeon 8. Catch Jeongyeon cheating on me 9. Save Chaeyoung 10. Being manipulating by Jihyo 11. My bestfriend 12. Make Jeongeon hate me 13. Jeongyeon's parents insult me 14. Have Chaeyoung seeing me cry 15. Nayeon donating her heart to me 16. Never meet Dahyun 17. Break a promise i've made with Tzuyu 18. Push Jeongyeon and hurt her 19. Make Momo angry at me 20. Spread a horrible rumor about Nayeon 21. Ruin Dahyun's career 22. Slap Chaeyoung 23. Accidentally kill Nayeon 24. Be best-friends with Dahyun but the maknae-line hates me forever 25. Be the reason why Tzuyu is sad 26. Long distance relationship with Momo 27. Have Chaeyoung crying and begging me to not leave 28. Come home and see Jihyon packing her stuff 29. Bump into Sana 30. Jihyo WHAT ARE THOSE QUESTIONS ?! It was way harder to answer than the previous one x)
  3. 1. Mina 2. Jeongyeon 3. Tzuyu 4. Be married 5. Miss the concert 6. Jeongyeon 7. Chaeyoung 8. Meet my bias 9. Be poor and love TWICE 10.fan meeting 11.Twice release a lot of mv's 12.Tzuyu loves you more than you love them 13.SNSD 14.Go on a vacation with Sana while wearing a squirrel costume 15.Sneak into concert and get caught 16.Jihyo 17.Big meals with Momo 18.Long hair 19.J-line 20.Jihyo 21.Deodorant 22.Kiss Mina 23.Sana 24.Chaeyoung 25.Dating and Happy with ONCEs support 26.Karaoke with your bias 27.Oh.. what a hard choice.. maybe breaking your bias heart.. 28.Tzuyu 29.SATZU 30.Remember my face
  4. Skallix

    HI 👋 Everyone

    Hi Vincent and welcome to TTF !
  5. Skallix


    Hi Hel and welcome to TTF !
  6. Skallix


    Hi and welcome to TTF !
  7. Skallix

    Hello! [Intro]

    Hi Sam and welcome to TTF !
  8. Skallix

    Greetings from fanatic fans

    Hi and welcome to TTF !
  9. Skallix


    Hi and welcome to TTF !
  10. Skallix

    Hello from Hong Kong

    Hi and welcome to TTF !
  11. Skallix


    Hi Phebe and welcome to TTF !
  12. Skallix

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    What's up ?
  13. Skallix


    Hi and welcome to TTF !
  14. Skallix

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Cutest voice

    It's pretty hard to choose between Momo and Sana but I would say Sana !