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  1. sprinkle more nabong pictures
  2. jemjeremjem1


    Welcome to Team Twice Forum
  3. Happy Birthdaya Lodi! :jh-cheer: 

    Petmalu ka talaga! :sn-pew: 

  4. jemjeremjem1

    The year after.

  5. jemjeremjem1

    After a year, going back

    Finally an introduction welcome back to TTF and congrats for joining the TTF twitter staff
  6. jemjeremjem1

    [DISCUSSION] Did jeongyeon piercing her tongue??

    I thought itwas a candy tho its too deep to be a pierce LMAO
  7. Wait


    Another win?

    How? Lol

    Even tho im not that active on ttf 



    Suddenly clicked spoiler lmao

    Cant remove it using my phone :ny-lol: