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  1. Lel i totally forgot i'm in this squad
  2. twice

    1. How did you Discover Twice? according to timeline heard about mix 6 (saw a glance of Nayeon) Nayeon from GOT 7 MV (girls girls girls) Sana from GOT 7 MV (A) Dahyun from GOT 7 MV (stop it) SIXTEEN SHOW debut - not a fan Accidentally bumped into them in Day 6 first concert stanned by Nayeon decided to support them 2. Bias in Twice? Sana, Dahyun, Nayeon, Chae and lately Tzuyu 3. Your top 3 favorite Twice songs? LOA, CHEER UP, KNOCK KNOCK 4. Show that has featured Twice (Not counting Reality Show) I barely watched any show (u may hate me) E.g. Weekly Idol, Happy Together, ... 5. Your Favourite Twice Album? Probably TBS? 6. Favorite Moment/Memory with Twice when I was waved by Nayeon, twice and pointed by Momo 7. Your Favourite Twice Stage? probably their debut state 8. Your Favourite Twice outfit? Cheer Up and LOA era 9. Are you a boy or girl Once? one sexy namja 10. Why do you love the Once fandom? friendliness I suppose? @Kpopasiaworldwide donee
  3. for visual voting sure they won't mind yes i agree, sometimes momo too i guess that they have this "Japanese traits" goin on finally someone feels that way too
  4. kinda look alike eh sana is bae
  5. we have tons of visual
  6. POWERRR go create the lengzai voting poll
  7. This voting thread causes a chaos in the chatbox rn
  9. WAT??? YOU RETIRED??? Thanks for all your efforts.

    1. Ooh-Ahh


      Yes I'm retired without my knowledge, it just happened like that :ny-look:

  10. It's been pleasure serving u awards for the last 1 year plus :ny-yes:






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    2. Ooh-Ahh


      Yeah, @StylishDoge it happened so fast that I hardly had time to react :dh-eagle:

    3. Sudipto
    4. Ooh-Ahh


      Yes @Sudipto im no longer ur cookie senpai :dh-pepe:

  11. hello and welcome to TTF! do drop by the chatbox !
  12. hello and welcome to TTF!
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