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  1. Thanks for participating on my profile box :ny-yes:


    See you ard discord :jh-cheer:

  2. Right now at JCube Right now at JCube
  3. What are u doin here kid ? U sud be studying right now! Come go remedials now
  4. I'm really honored hope you're doing well today! And feel free to DM still! @Suspect. The fact that we didnt chat anymore is that you often lurking ard nowadays
  5. :ny-wut: I see ur rank but wuts mine? @NomNomMiX:ny-hmm: What is sorting? God sorts so Am I god? :jy-jks:

    1. NomNomMiX


      Log out log in should fix it

    2. Ooh-Ahh


      Ur rank is super friendly neighborhood ghost :jy-jks: yeah what is sorting? :ny-pose: potential future staff?

  6. You're welcome
  7. honestly I didn't expect it to be this big sure some of you feeling disappointed VERY much, can't lie including myself that's why I tried to set up my profile status as "profilebox" I called it . Guess it is a very big blow for TTF either both users and staff sides, I do admit that I'm not a Kpop person but one things that makes me keep coming back to TTF was the chatbox/chatroom that's definitely one feature different from other forum where u can interact "LIVE". Well being one of not so senior members here I must admit that the chatbox/chatroom is definitively gone under much change, during those earlier days I remembers the users were pretty polite (respecting) each others although there's were some teasing goin on and somehow it feels solid, but as times goes by and no of users increases it's natural to have some major changes in the attitude of the newer users and honestly harder to control (this always happen in almost every forum) not just Kpop based. What was done can't be done right now, let's all back to our daily lives, I dnt wanna comment much on both users and staff sides, each has its own pros and cons. let's both side take a break and see what solutions we may come up I just hope that one day it will be back besides feel free to chat in my profile (at least that what I can do) may not be as fun as chatbox but pretty much can cover up ur chatbox sickness i tried to respond it as well
  8. i'm honored i have too many to mention, but every single one of U has own unique way to greet me and that's what make the chatbox fun for me u know who u are my sexy namjass If you see a terrorist, you call 911..... @_seannlee_ not forgetting @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle always calling you wrong and never realized it till the past few months these 2 meanies @Zeba & @LonelyWolf @#Satzu @OnceUponAStar @Twice's Bias @Jokballet our commentator @Jhin JHINNY and my SBE manager @Kh3ngboon no 1 lurker @Tzumongie@lingpin pin pin How could I forgot about the most baka member @T2long
  9. Let's talk here on my little profile :ny-yes: *no spamming 

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    2. #Satzu


      I'm the one who never sleeps :jh-wut:

    3. WinstonKim28


      Go sleep . . .

      Let the sleep refresh your organs especially liver

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      @#Satzu You're the true vampire! :ny-yes:

  10. So many status update much wow :cy-fluffy::ty-notbad:

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    2. Jokballet


      Lets make this one another profilebox:dh-heh:jk

    3. Ooh-Ahh


      the notifications will be the same to me :jy-jks:

    4. Jokballet


      Isnt it good opportunity to become MotM?:kappa:

  11. Wow this is hard
  12. Ay ay captain
  13. Wow it's almost a year
  14. w(ONCE) is never enough