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  1. JYP Entertainment Responds To TWICE Acid Attack Threats

    There would be several reasons why this person would say this 1. To get attention, when he/she doesn't really have the guts to do that 2. Even if he/she did mean it, I doubt that the person would get 100 feet close enough lol 3. Haters gonna hate anyways. These people aren't even real fans so we shouldn't really be directing our attention to him/her, since that may be the purpose that they are coming up with such statements. 4. Security would probably get to you before you even manage to pour a drop of acid on them lol
  2. The "Show me your face" thread!

    @StylishDoge @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias @Lovely puppy No hate pls
  3. The "Show me your face" thread!

    http://i.imgur.com/6Gtq4PD.jpg As promised @Scheherazade
  4. Korea trip

    Updated Wew
  5. Korea trip

    Thanks all
  6. Korea trip

    As suggested by @I0riYagami A post dedicated to my trip. First, we'll have the view from my hotel ignore me pls tq Well, I went to Star Avenue at Lotte department store first. This actually took me a while to find. Kinda tricky coz it's on the other end of the building. They had Tzuyu's stuff on display this time :) Day 2 Visited the Gwanghwamun square and managed to take some pictures Pretty sure I belong in Seoul And what is Seoul when there's no Twice shopping And shout out to @B.R.joe for getting me these Meet @xiaobbang during my trip too. *I don't have the picture I took with them but I'm pretty sure I looked horrible so it's kayy* Look who I found
  7. The "Show me your face" thread!

    @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias post your visuals. i need some eye candy now
  8. The "Show me your face" thread!

    I want some new face
  9. [PIC/FB] 170619 TwiceBySpris's Facebook Update

  10. [TZUYUIST] Tzuyu Cried on Stage :(

    You're very welcome
  11. [TZUYUIST] Tzuyu Cried on Stage :(

    Based on the video, "I'm always thankful and grateful for your support, without you, none of this would be possible. You have always been supporting me since day one. I am very grateful and I love you." That was what she said, presumably to her parents.
  12. Ain't not reason is needed
  13. Too much kawaii.... i cannot