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  1. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Sa mga nilamon diyan ng acads o di kaya'y work life, nawa'y patnubayan kayo ng Diyos
  2. Capitalism walk? That's a strange way to call it but... This was a good observation of how Mina stands/walks. I'm surprised that Onces notice even the smallest of details...
  3. what's that one thing you're not good at?

    B-but you're funny I guess that makes the two of us, then
  4. what's that one thing you're not good at?

    Oh no there's so many of them While I also am not good at talking to people, c-could I please join the club too? I'm also not good at taking care of myself. I'm too clumsy for my own good... Oh dear.... I'm sorry for your loss. There, there. Would you like a hug?
  5. Hello from new fan

    Ooohh a JiTzu shipper... Interesting Hello and welcome to TTF! I do hope you enjoy your stay~
  6. The choreography is so adorable I may or may not have let out a giggle at 2:28 brb time to learn the dance steps
  7. [OFFICIAL] ChaeNa (Chaeyoung x Sana) OTP Thread

    The pic inside the spoiler had me feeling fluffy things
  8. go follow me on twitter if you want :ty-peek:


    beanie out :jh-lurk:

  9. 1 year and 1 day late introduction

    Eeeyyyyy from new member to staff.... That glo up Congratulations on your anniversary, may you have a fruitful adventure and more years to come. nice one cmt
  10. I live for Twice eating their entire discography for breakfast

    How expensive I guess the house is.... One in a million

    How much does this house cost? Asking for a friend