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  1. Beanie

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    i'd like both please, thank you <3
  2. Beanie

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Eeeyyy welcome, welcome~Hindi yan weird okay lang yan bes <3 Sana mag-enjoy ka rito hehe Wow beshie daming groups how to be you po
  3. Beanie

    Newcomer and Member hehehe

    Hello there, Troy and welcome to TTF! Ah, so young... Who am I kidding? Our age difference is just two yearsAnd you know how to speak Korean? Good stuff I do hope you enjoy your stay here~ See you around~ Drop by the PH Thread sometime? grabe pare nosebleed na ako
  4. Beanie

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    Cr: te1996_slala
  5. hello ?? hello? Miss Momo?? Cr: momoringbui Cr: PeachTokTok110
  6. Cr: island_JY_diary
  7. Beanie

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Beanie Post count: 2,194 Award requesting: "Wake Me Up" - Jihyo Thank you <3
  8. Beanie

    [PIC/IG] 180517 TWICETAGRAM Update | Twice - Mina

    I didn't expect her to post last night I was so shocked Her IG posts are once in a blue moon that's why Onces cherish every post she makes... This one is especially cute too
  9. Beanie

    [MINAIST/PIC] Your Daily Mina

    Cr: pabo_oppa
  10. Ah,,,, thanks to all that greeted,,, I am very touched :jh-myheart:

    I'd love to reply to y'all but people's notifs are going to get flooded.... :jh-tt:

    I actually don't know what to say; words aren't really my strong suit

    Still, thank you very much from the bottom of my existence as a yellow knitted cap heart <3 I love you all 


    Another year, another chance to keep loving and supporting Twice

    1. Jhin


      Aww I wasn't able to greet my bby beanie :<
      Advance Happy Birthday tho. lmao

    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      love you tooo~ <3

  11. Happy Birthday beanie :congrats:

    Have a blessed year ahead :mm-heart:

  12. Happy Birthday mina'syellow Beanie!! 


    Hope you enjoy your day!!


  13. Happy birthday, our senpai, Beanie-nim :3
    Aren't you used to be 'yellow' (and a Mina stan)? Hehe... Wish you all the best. Come to say hi on my profile sometimes, kay?~ :sn-heart:

  14. Happy Birthday~  :congrats:

    Wishing you all the best! :sob:

    I hope you enjoy your day! 

  15. :dh-eagle:YOOOOOOOOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUH!!! :ty-peek:

    tara inuman :3 :ny-soju: