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  1. Beanie

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    Cr: te1996_slala
  2. hello ?? hello? Miss Momo?? Cr: momoringbui Cr: PeachTokTok110
  3. Cr: island_JY_diary
  4. Beanie

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Beanie Post count: 2,194 Award requesting: "Wake Me Up" - Jihyo Thank you <3
  5. Beanie

    [PIC/IG] 180517 TWICETAGRAM Update | Twice - Mina

    I didn't expect her to post last night I was so shocked Her IG posts are once in a blue moon that's why Onces cherish every post she makes... This one is especially cute too
  6. Beanie

    [MINAIST/PIC] Your Daily Mina

    Cr: pabo_oppa
  7. Ah,,,, thanks to all that greeted,,, I am very touched :jh-myheart:

    I'd love to reply to y'all but people's notifs are going to get flooded.... :jh-tt:

    I actually don't know what to say; words aren't really my strong suit

    Still, thank you very much from the bottom of my existence as a yellow knitted cap heart <3 I love you all 


    Another year, another chance to keep loving and supporting Twice

    1. Jhin


      Aww I wasn't able to greet my bby beanie :<
      Advance Happy Birthday tho. lmao

    2. Ahn Haeju
  8. Happy Birthday beanie :congrats:

    Have a blessed year ahead :mm-heart:

  9. Happy Birthday mina'syellow Beanie!! 


    Hope you enjoy your day!!


  10. Happy birthday, our senpai, Beanie-nim :3
    Aren't you used to be 'yellow' (and a Mina stan)? Hehe... Wish you all the best. Come to say hi on my profile sometimes, kay?~ :sn-heart:

  11. Happy Birthday~  :congrats:

    Wishing you all the best! :sob:

    I hope you enjoy your day! 

  12. :dh-eagle:YOOOOOOOOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUH!!! :ty-peek:

    tara inuman :3 :ny-soju:

  13. Happy Birthday Beanie

    ~ There are two great days in  a person's life

    ~The day we are born and the day we discover why


  14. Happy birthday bean-beanie!! :mn-praise: Stay healthy and happy as always:ny-soju:

  15. happy birthday beanie!