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  1. Yeeess she kind of does It's okay, I'm sure a lot of us understand how you feel
  2. Sending her love to the camera~ Cr: once_1101
  3. Maybe, but she still looked bright regardless Cr: Nasoong_Hing
  4. Or am I? jk
  5. Aww thanks I guess I could say the same for you because I see you everywhere
  6. chaeyoung

    High five! She kinda looks like an art student
  7. I think?? I mean she's already well enough to perform with the members... Sorry if this went out of topic oops
  8. Me too! I'll be patiently waiting. if I recall correctly she's already okay though?
  9. Nothing specific is confirmed yet, but maybe
  10. Idk what she's doing but it's cute Cr: MoingXTwice
  11. chaeyoung

    Bless these previews Cr: rainb0wsherbet Hmm... Is that a... Tiger pin on her necktie?
  12. Oh? Cr: OTOFU_STUDIO
  13. Mine too Cr: pabo_oppa That bright smile, that eye contact, the fluffy plushies, and the flower crown... What a combination
  14. Fashionable as always Cr: SHY MOON