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  1. [DISCUSSION] Twice in Round Rimmed Specs

    Round specs fit Twice so well especially Tzuyu Cr: delta_trap
  2. [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    Her purple hair is and will always be my favorite Cr: Tzu t`aime
  3. [OFFICIAL] Son Chaeyoung (손채영) Spazz Thread

    Pigtail Chaeng~ Cr: H_Studio_
  4. Gosh I am so terrible at replying to posts/replying in general... :ny-lol:Don't take it to heart when I don't reply, I'm just really awkward and bad at these stuff :mm-pdnim:

  5. [OFFICIAL] Im Nayeon (임나연) Spazz Thread!

    What is going on in these previews? Cr: enneagon1020
  6. Ah right I didn't think of that I lowkey want to know the context of these pics tho
  7. hellurrr

    Hello and welcome to TTF, Unikormz! I hope to see you around here and enjoy your stay.
  8. Who took her candy? Just kidding~ Cr: myouinyny
  9. [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    I uh... Don't know if this is appropriate to be posted in here but I think that the awards team forgot to deduct Wonces from me
  10. Have you met any other once in real life by accident?

    Well... A few girls in my school (who I thought were only BG stans) turned out to be Onces I'm only close with one of them though, since I don't really talk to much people I wouldn't say that I accidentally met them but rather, I just accidentally found out they were Onces... If that even makes sense
  11. [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Bang! Cr: doyou1020 I miss Dahyun
  12. [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    Username: Mina'sYellowBeanie Award Requesting: "Selcas - Jihyo" and "Photoshoots - Jihyo" Thank you~
  13. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hello and welcome to TTF! I believe we've met a few times on Discord Anyway, I do hope you enjoy your stay here I look forward to seeing you around in the forums~
  14. Newbie

    Hello and welcome to TTF! A fellow PH Once, eh? Mabuhay~ Enjoy your stay~