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  1. [OFFICIAL] Park Jihyo (박지효) Spazz Thread!

    Reminds me of Coca Cola bottles and Christmas though Aww yiisss Jihyo with her fellow plushies That hoodie (?) looks comfy Cr: 1for2 I, a Jihyo in a suit enthusiast,
  2. Hello Sana stans Cr: SHY MOON
  3. 171014 TWICE Fan meet (photo and video)

    Twice in suits... A blessing to us all
  4. Hello

    Eeeeyyy what's up the sky heh welcome to TTF! Don't forget to read the forum rules to get yourself started~ Enjoy your stay here bye bye
  5. Oh yessss I wonder why they named it Twicetagram though... It makes me really curious and hyped about what the album has in store for us~
  6. ♥ The Offfical JiMo (Jihyo & Momo) Thread ♥

    It's like the first few pics in this thread but in a different angle Cr: INFI
  7. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Uy malapit-lapit na rin sa 30 pa kami Eeeyyy hello and welcome po sa thread~
  8. The Official MiTzu (Mina x Tzuyu) Thread ❤

    This isn't exactly an actual MiTzu interaction but I'll take it anyway Cr: MITZ
  9. [OFFICIAL] Park Jihyo (박지효) Spazz Thread!

    Okay but how does she manage to look this cute even with slightly messy hair?? That sweater paw too.... I'm soft Cr: REVE The outfit may be recycled but she still looks good in it so...
  10. TWICE Confirmed To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of “Weekly Idol”

    Weekly Idol appearance = Comeback is... Coming (heh) soon?
  11. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Bakit, beshie?
  12. [Discussion] TWICE 'One More Time' Line Distribution

    Jeongyeon got more lines than I expected So did DubChaeng At least here they're not on the bottom....
  13. [TZUYUIST/PIC] Daily Tzu for Yu

    Cr: 마쉬멜로우

    *Prays for your soul* May GodJihyo grant you the $$ to spend on merch.... jk I'm not so sure if that's a belt either, but it does look like one All these strange merch makes me wonder what's the next everyday object they would market to us Onces by calling it "Official Twice Merchandise"

    Is that.... An umbrella? JYPE really wants the Onces broke... They know that Onces would buy anything as long as it's related to Twice