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  1. Hello and welcome to TTF! I hope you enjoy your stay here. See ya!
  2. Ok but the telephone one really takes the cake that one's really cute
  3. I'm starting to feel old, the last two commenters are younger than me
  4. Eeeeyyy welcome to TTF Enjoy your stay
  5. School starts at the end of June for me but expect me to lurk here while I'm in class :ty-peek:

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    2. Mina'sYellowBeanie
    3. chaerrybear


      :dh-lol: ill do the same too

    4. Mina'sYellowBeanie


      Ohoho just make sure you don't get caught jk:hahaha:

  6. Smol bby Cr: AbornArtist423
  7. Eeeeyyy what's up welcome to TTF
  8. Will Signal be the era when I'll be more active in the chatbox? We'll never know :ty-peek:

  9. Ah, 99 line... Truly the softest Twice ship
  10. Aww Cr: Tzu t`aime
  11. Cr: AlphaCrucis0324 You didn't hear it from me but Mina has really pretty hands
  12. Ohoho Sana wot are u doin?
  13. Are Sana stans still breathing omg Cr: sanacottoncandy
  14. This outfit is a blessing Cr: hyun05290
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