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The Story Begins
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  1. [V Report] Momo, Chaeyoung covers ‘Feels’

    I hope next time they can sing some other songs too. I love Momo's and Chaeyoung's voices.
  2. Video proof Momo is the most easily scared member of TWICE

    Momo is sometimes a huge baby lol
  3. TWICE to comeback in Japan with new track 'One More Time'

    I'm already addicted to this song. I cant wait to hear it everywhere in Japan. I am ready.
  4. Hiiii! As you know in about 2 weeks (14-15/10) there is going to be TWICE fanmeeting for 2 days. I am planning to go for both days. The problem is that, I am going completely by myself as always I was wondering if there is anyone else going to the fanmeeting and willing to go together with me?
  5. [V Report Plus] Twice to hold first official fan meeting

    So is anyone going there for real? I'm going by myself (like for all other Twice events in Korea) but it would be much nicer to go with someone
  6. Momo is shipable with anyone to be honest, but MiMo is the one for me.
  7. [MOMOIST] Momo: Bangs or Nah?

    I think I want to see her without bangs again. I'm starting to forget how her forehead looks like But after some time, she could come back to bangs. She definitely looks pretty with them.
  8. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Thank you so much for reading it and for your advice. I really appreciate it I also realize that I should move on, but she was probably my first love, so I don't want to let go. It's a feeling like "I've never felt it before, but for some reason it feels great, so what if there is no other person in the world, who would make me feel the same?". But of course, I'll try. It may take some time...
  9. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Actually, I think it should be "カシャさんはにほんごをはなせますか。" because it means "Can you speak Japanese?" But yea. My answer is. はい、少しずつはなせます。(Yes, I speak it only a bit.) I'm studying Japanese at the university ( not sure if you've already knew about it since I'm a bit late with my answer ) Can I also tell you about my situation? (sorry, for talking about it but I didn't really have a chance to talk about it with anyone). It's kinda long.
  10. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Talking about LGBT music videos!! (Has anyone mentioned this one?) Recently released SISTAR - One More Day (+19 because of violence) . What do you think about it?
  11. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Hey guys. I hope we can become friends! I'm not sure how to identify myself, but I usually say I'm Bi. I usually don't find guys attractive so I'm not sure if that's because I'm gay or I have too high standards. Anyway, recently I broke up with my girlfriend because of the distance and I can't afford going to Korea that much. But before breaking up I made her a ONCE.
  12. <TWICEcoaster - Lane 1> - Race to Zero

    TT - 639 1 TO 10 - 688 PONYTAIL - 697 JELLY JELLY - 688 PIT-A-PAT - 695 NEXT PAGE - 697 ONE IN A MILLION - 681
  13. TWICE United Kingdom Discussion Thread

  14. [DISCUSSION] Twice Fanfic Thread

    So sad that I'm not a fanboy, but I can relate as I'm a Londoner, fam. Definitely gonna read this one. Cheers. P.S. Really hoping concert in London will happen. I'll be the first in the line.
  15. What Does Your Username Mean?

    My username (sugoimomoring) is basically すごい and ももりん, which means "Cool Momoring", cause you know... Momo is pretty cool.