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  1. There is the official goods seller by Warner Music Direct but they dont offer overseas shipping.
  2. There is no official way available... Only individual sellers making orders. There is one regular service taking orders on the merchandise sold in Japan, but personally I don't advertise them as they're making huge profit out of it - much higher prices + ripping off for shipping. I mean unless you don't have any other choice and you're willing to overpay by a lot... I am making non-profit orders whenever I can, but I won't be attending this tour.
  3. Thanks! I will definitely not be going to Arena Tour as dates are not convenient for me. I will be in the UK that time doing some important work. Hi-touch event is still in question but it highly depends if I manage to get any good BDZ pulls. I dont want to buy +60 albums again only to get 1-2 hitouch cards and this time, since its a full album, the prices are 2-3 times higher than single CD. It also depends on my schedule in the UK and flight costs. I really hope I will be able to attend this event though.
  4. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] TWICE Fansign Albums

    Actually, before getting the album signed I spent a really long time thinking which version should I get signed. The photos inside of the individual members are quite similar to each other and actually each version has a few photos of each member I like. Before seeing the albums in person, I liked Version C the most, but Im guessing now my favourite one has to be version B. I guess I must have decided that in this version I like most of the members photos the most.
  5. Hey guys. Previously I made a video guide how to buy tickets for TWICELAND in Japan, but the website has been updated. It is now easier for foreigners to register in the official Japanese ONCE fanclub and to purchase tickets in the special sales that are available only for them. The sales for TWICE Autumn Arena Tour for foreigners are until 30th July 23:59 so theres not much time left. Here's the video guide. I hope it's helpful.
  6. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] TWICE Fansign Albums

    Hi! I recorded two videos in which I showed my TWICE fansign albums, from Twicetagram and Summer Nights era. Here they are Twicetagram Summer Nights Hope you enjoy it!
  7. sugoimomoring

    TWICE Japan Discussion Thread

    Any store and its for Japanese album that they are promoting with at the certain time. So there will be a hitouch event for BDZ. But it has to be 初回限定(しょかいげんてい)first press version of the CD because normal versions (after first one sells out) dont have any cards.
  8. sugoimomoring

    TWICE Japan Discussion Thread

    you can apply to the fanclub whenever you want. There is no specific time to join. Hi-touch events are easier to get in. Just try getting hi-touch card in the album or buy it from someone online (probably cheaper)
  9. sugoimomoring

    TWICE Japan Discussion Thread

    Welcome! I am currently not in Japan, not am I Japanese, but I live in Japan and I attend some of TWICE events there. Taking a break now but still. Just attend some of the events in Japan and you would surely be able to meet some Onces even without knowledge of Japanese.
  10. Hi there! Sharing TWICE Momo moments from Sangam Fansign that happened on 180721. Momo blessed my camera a lot!
  11. Hey guys! I was lucky to attend TWICE fansign again for Summer Nights and here is the footage I was able to record. I am waiting for other people to upload the fancams so I can sub them, but not sure when it will happen. For now please enjoy this video and check out my other fancams from this fansign! Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK6ekPWzEz4 Momoring
  12. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] TWICE Hi-touch Day 1 Report!

    Hey guys! Here is my report video from hi-touch of TWICE with Jihyo and Momo from Tokyo on June 9th! Hope you enjoy!!
  13. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] Twiceland in Japan Merchandise Unboxing!

    Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take photos in the concert so theyre not even playing with phones
  14. Hi. Here is a video of me unboxing some of the stuff I bought at the goods booth in Twiceland Japan during pre-sale!
  15. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] Sana took my phone during TWICELAND!

    Of course I am. That’s why I’m posting this