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  1. Hi. Here is a video of me unboxing some of the stuff I bought at the goods booth in Twiceland Japan during pre-sale!
  2. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] Sana took my phone during TWICELAND!

    Of course I am. That’s why I’m posting this
  3. Hey. So I wanted to share the unbelievable thing that happened on Twiceland 18/05/2018... Sana took my phone a recorded a video of herself... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ixaOSWBIVE
  4. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE - Wake Me Up Albums Unboxing

    Hi! Yesterday, I uploaded a video for unboxing Wake Me Up Albums to show international fans how each of them looks like. Here is the video:
  5. sugoimomoring

    [JIHYOIST/POST]Jihyo releasing her song

    It's not a song. It's another solo Vlive from Jihyo to ONCE.
  6. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Wake Me Up CD Information Explained

    it's the Japanese comeback they announced on 1st April. The MV was released 2 days ago.
  7. Hi! I just wanted to share the explanation of TWICE 3rd Japanese Single CD information, like what each of the versions include and what are the options available. Hope you enjoy watching the video and if you want to buy an already opened CD with a group card, just check out the description. The video is here:
  8. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] [Allkpop] TWICE's 3rd Japanese single 'Wake Me Up' tops Japan's LINE MUSIC chart

    I've been listening this song on loop on LINE Music. Glad they're number 1 and What is love is at 4th place at the moment!!
  9. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Twice Candy Pop Hi-touch Report!

    waaaaah thank you so much
  10. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Twice Candy Pop Hi-touch Report!

    Hi! I recorded a very brief fan account from hi-touch with TWICE for Candy Pop promotion! The video is in Japanese (so nervous talking in Japanese ) but I provided subtitles! Hope you watch it and leave feedback! I appreciate it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDOrXrgibWM
  11. There will also be 2 hitouch events! 9th and 10th of June in Yomiuri Land (I’m so lucky. It’s like 30 min away from me). I’m so excited and will definitely stock up on my CDs before they sell out again! I only bought 30 during Candy Pop
  12. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE slaying Japan... *pretend to be surprised*

    I mean I did have over 10 cards... I didn’t sleep the whole night because I was so excited but Momo blessed me so much
  13. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE slaying Japan... *pretend to be surprised*

    I’m returning home right now. 8h waiting but it was worth it
  14. sugoimomoring


    Ugh but Momo is naturally skinny... they say she has always had abs even as a kid. I'm sure she's eating well and that is just the angle of the photos...
  15. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Fansign Experience

    I'm guessing, some K-once change their interests quickly...? Or actually some Twice Korean fans only are "fans" because they're pretty. Can't blame them, because that's how it is with idols, but I guess they just don't really care much about merch...?