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  1. Hey. So I wanted to share the unbelievable thing that happened on Twiceland 18/05/2018... Sana took my phone a recorded a video of herself... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ixaOSWBIVE
  2. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE - Wake Me Up Albums Unboxing

    Hi! Yesterday, I uploaded a video for unboxing Wake Me Up Albums to show international fans how each of them looks like. Here is the video:
  3. sugoimomoring

    [FAN VID] Sana took my phone during TWICELAND!

    Of course I am. That’s why I’m posting this
  4. sugoimomoring

    [JIHYOIST/POST]Jihyo releasing her song

    It's not a song. It's another solo Vlive from Jihyo to ONCE.
  5. Hi! I just wanted to share the explanation of TWICE 3rd Japanese Single CD information, like what each of the versions include and what are the options available. Hope you enjoy watching the video and if you want to buy an already opened CD with a group card, just check out the description. The video is here:
  6. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Wake Me Up CD Information Explained

    it's the Japanese comeback they announced on 1st April. The MV was released 2 days ago.
  7. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] [Allkpop] TWICE's 3rd Japanese single 'Wake Me Up' tops Japan's LINE MUSIC chart

    I've been listening this song on loop on LINE Music. Glad they're number 1 and What is love is at 4th place at the moment!!
  8. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Candy Pop CD Opening

    Hi! I'm sharing a video of opening TWICE - Candy Pop CDs in search of hi-touch cards. As you may know, there is a hi-touch event in Tokyo on 31st March. If you want to participate in the hi-touch, you have to buy CDs (First Press ONLY) and inside there should be either a group card or a solo member card. With a group card, you cannot enter, but if you have a solo member card, you can have 1 hi-touch with that member. If you have 3 same cards of the member, during the hi-touch to speed up the queue they group people with 3 same tickets and you get to talk to the member and hi-touch for a minute or so. They are still trying to push you and finish your time earlier, but I managed to get a full minute with Momo the last time. Please leave comments on the video, if there is something you like or you don't.
  9. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Candy Pop Cafe in Tokyo

    Hi! I went to TWICE Candy Pop Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo and filmed a bit there. Not the cafe itself, as it was really crowded and didn't really invade anyone's privacy, but I filmed the spot and all Twice related stuff I could find.
  10. Hi! Just sharing my guide video on how to purchase tickets for Twiceland: Zone 2 in Japan! I hope it helps. Strongly recommending joining either of Japanese official fan clubs!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wbEc0Qb9nY
  11. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Buying Twiceland Tickets

    Hi! So I filmed myself buying Twiceland tickets today and I was stressing a lot. It was supposed to be funny, but I am definitely no jam Anyway, hope you still watch it and enjoy! Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYSW8Sz9NK8
  12. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Fansign Experience

    Hi! I went to TWICE's fansign for Twicetagram on 26th November 2017 in Goyang and I recently uploaded a video from it. I made subtitles for my conversations with members, as much as I remembered. I just want to say that Momo really shocked me, but I loved talking to all of the members.
  13. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Twice Candy Pop Hi-touch Report!

    Hi! I recorded a very brief fan account from hi-touch with TWICE for Candy Pop promotion! The video is in Japanese (so nervous talking in Japanese ) but I provided subtitles! Hope you watch it and leave feedback! I appreciate it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDOrXrgibWM
  14. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Twice Candy Pop Hi-touch Report!

    waaaaah thank you so much
  15. There will also be 2 hitouch events! 9th and 10th of June in Yomiuri Land (I’m so lucky. It’s like 30 min away from me). I’m so excited and will definitely stock up on my CDs before they sell out again! I only bought 30 during Candy Pop
  16. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE slaying Japan... *pretend to be surprised*

    I mean I did have over 10 cards... I didn’t sleep the whole night because I was so excited but Momo blessed me so much
  17. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE slaying Japan... *pretend to be surprised*

    I’m returning home right now. 8h waiting but it was worth it
  18. sugoimomoring


    Ugh but Momo is naturally skinny... they say she has always had abs even as a kid. I'm sure she's eating well and that is just the angle of the photos...
  19. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Fansign Experience

    I'm guessing, some K-once change their interests quickly...? Or actually some Twice Korean fans only are "fans" because they're pretty. Can't blame them, because that's how it is with idols, but I guess they just don't really care much about merch...?
  20. sugoimomoring

    [VID] TWICE Fansign Experience

    For the album promotion fansign, they can only sign the album that you bought to get into the event. They signed all the stuff fans brought before, but JYP banned it after fans were selling them on the internet...
  21. sugoimomoring

    [VID] Buying Twiceland Tickets

    Yes, 4th row is not bad. I was just stressing because I took ages to decide where do I want to sit and then miraculously that seat was opened. I’m trying to gather as many cards as I can before the hi-touch. If I get 3, I can talk to Momo and hold her hand for a bit so it’s worth it.
  22. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE will attend KCON 2018 JAPAN x M COUNTDOWN on April 15

    Yup, don't worry! I have everything sorted. I previously applied for the 3-day ticket because I was unsure when Twice is coming and I sort of knew they will, but I was short of money, so tomorrow I'll be applying for the 1 day concert ticket only, since theyre not in the meet&greet line-up sadly
  23. sugoimomoring

    [INFO] TWICE will attend KCON 2018 JAPAN x M COUNTDOWN on April 15

    If I manage to get the ticket, I am definitely going! And if I'm going, I'm going to report as soon as I have anything to report.
  24. sugoimomoring

    [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    haven't started. They will announce when the sale will be decided on Twice's twitter or fans.jyp website. you can also follow One Production Singapore social media for announcements.
  25. sugoimomoring

    [DAHYUNIST/VID] Dahyun Speaks English Randomly

    quality video right there