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  1. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Very Very Very - I.O.I
  2. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Knock Knock Knock - I.O.I
  3. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter

  4. TKDahyun

    [DISCUSSION] Are You Older or Younger Than All of The Members?

    I'm between Momo and Sana age wise, born in December 1996.
  5. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter

  6. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter

  7. Yeah, I can't wait, would be their third comeback ths year.Also I mentioned it above but October 9th being a Monday again has got to mean something right?
  8. Stop at the 5th second of the video.And look on the top left and right corner of the plate. Better seen on the picture below. cr. Onehallyu What's interesting is also that Cheer Up, TT and Signal all released on a Monday and guess what day October 9th is?
  9. There is also a possible comeback spoiler in the MV aswell.
  10. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Rainbow - Gugudan
  11. TKDahyun

    [GAME] True or False Game

    True, I'm a gamer The person below loves seafood
  12. TKDahyun

    [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  13. TKDahyun

    [GAME] Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you won't be able to go through doors. I wish I knew korean.