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  1. Happy Birthday! Stay healthy and happy as always :jh-cheer:

  2. SubjectKpop

    JTBC 'Knowing Bros'

    variety show at 8.50pm KST
  3. SubjectKpop

    Happy Together 3 [Sana & Tzuyu]

    Variety show at 11.10pm KST
  4. SubjectKpop

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hello guys, so a few SG staffs of TTF have been discussing about bringing up a community from ttf for local members to meetup and hangout so i am wondering if y'all are interested in joining? I would need your Line Id too If you want to join
  5. SubjectKpop

    [GAME] Members vs Staffs (Ya'll Sneaky AF FGs)

    Been so long since i participated in this
  6. It starts at 5pm KST
  7. SubjectKpop

    26th Seoul Music Awards

    It starts at 7pm KST Broadcast via: KBS Drama, KBS W, KBS JOY, Winvention, EASTPOWER KOREA
  8. until
    It starts at 4.50 KST
  9. SubjectKpop

    TWICELAND -The Opening- PARTY [V-Live]

    V-live at 8pm KST
  10. SubjectKpop

    [TV] JTBC Lost: Time

    Variety show
  11. SubjectKpop

    [TV] JTBC Lost: Time

    Variety show
  12. Sport event
  13. SubjectKpop

    JTBC Lost: Time @ Naver

    It starts at 11am KST