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  1. Happy birthday ♥ :congrats: 


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    Happy Birthday!! :ny-chu:

    1. Kun


      Thank you so much~ :sn-shy:

  4. When I saw Mina during the gayo daejun performance, her beauty struck me like lightning. Then after I found out how soft and cool she is, she became my ultimate bias. I love it when idols play video games T_T
  5. I finally figured out how to use this status message feature lol

  6. What surprised me was how many hidden gems they had. They took good pictures too ㅠㅠ Mina slays me again lol
  7. Kun


    Lights on, look here I have it in my hands
  8. Kun

    [DISCUSSION] I Confess

    For almost a year or more I was so done with kpop. Now I'm all about that Twice life Wake up: Twice on my mind Before bed: Twice on my mind Other confessions: 》At first I thought they were a copy of SNSD and it made me sad for awhile that there is a new ot9. 》I kept telling myself not to get into them but I'm eating my own words now with deep regret. Wish I found out about them sooner. 》Originally a Jeongyeon stan and Jeongyeon x Sana was the beginning of my Twice ships. 》I'm scared that if anything ever happens to Twice I'll become a wreck lol 》Lowkey want to become a bodyguard for Twice so I can protect them lmfao
  9. They. Cooked. Popcorn. With. A. Hair. Straightener!!! These girls omg xD where can I watch that?
  10. Oh my god. RIP me lol Edit: sorry repeated replies
  11. Kun

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Fanfic Thread

    Some MiMo fanfics by Lightwavesurfer on asianfanfics: 1.) Story 1: Hush //Fluff, Romance 2.) Story 2: Tell Me // Romance 3.) Story 3: Closer // Fluff, Romance, R14+ (Alcohol involved) These are also the first Twice fanfics that I have read. I'm so dead after reading them ?
  12. Man my kpop world changed with NCT lol finding out Taeyong was so close to my age. Now I know how 'older' fans felt. I'm a '96 liner~