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  1. [8BIT TEASER] TWICE - Heart Shaker

    Oh ma gad I love you Your DDLC 8-bit actually scarred me more after playing the game LOL. Looking forward to full version of Heart Shaker
  2. [V Report Plus] What does Twice want to do on break?

    I'll go on road trips with everyone and their dogs, eat at avocado restaurants, visit art exhibitions and get my drivers license with Dahyun
  3. Jeongyeon (i'm sorry) Never go to Twice concert. I can't make my grill cry. Hurt Mina's feelings. Harshly rejecting someone is too cruel. ... be a thrice Twice disbanding. It will happen someday anyway. Cheat on Jihyo. I shall pray for forgiveness at church. Dump Tzuyu (and then crawl back to her a few days later) Catch Jeongyeon cheating on me. I'll split myself in half and save both. / chaeyoung. Being manipulated by Jihyo. God knows whats best for me. If my best friend agrees on dating my crush it'll break the bro-code. Sibling it is. Make Jeongyeon hate me. Have Jeongyeon's parents insult me. I'll have Sana see me cry. Jihyo. I'll have godpowers. Never meet Dahyun. Tzuyu Jeongyeon Seeing Momo mad would be cute. Nayeon Dahyun Slap Tzuyu. My slaps are weak. She wouldn't even budge. Nayeon Dahyun Sana Momo. We'll make it work somehow. Chaeyoung Jihyo. At least i'll see her for the last time. Sana Tzuyu This really makes us think
  4. [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #LIKEY

    I'd like to have one of those Thanks in advance!
  5. Sounds like a disco song to me. However, I did enjoy some parts of the song! Actually, You In My Heart became my nr. 1 side track over the last few days. It shows their great vocals so much :D.
  6. This is hard. I couldn't just pick 5, so I chose 6. I liked every song except Rollin'. Turtle, Missing U, 24/7, Look At Me, Love Line (dang it Jeongie did a great job) and You In My Heart. I have no particular ranking for my fav songs. Ding Dong would be on the list if it wasn't for the horrible intro. I'm sorry. The song overall was really good. Wow, FFW (If only they managed to think of something else than spelling fastforward), Don't Give Up, Jaljayo Good Night were good and catchy. Rollin' however, did not fit my taste LOL. I still rate twicetagram an 11/10 Likey easily climbed to my nr. 1 spot of best title track.
  7. Ships member Twice with another kpop boy group

    None at least, not for now.
  8. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Mina Chaeyoung Tzuyu The silent trio LOL
  9. I should've registered when I had the chance The total price really held me back. Dang it, I regret it now.
  10. Can't actually listen to Twice on Spotify except #Twice Japanese album. So most of them are YouTube to mp3 converter and I put them on my Spotify Premium playlist LOL. Let's say I have 23 Twice songs. It's really messy on my playlist so posting a pic will take a while.
  11. Rewatching some Twice stuff Following Idol School and Wanna One
  12. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice's Oppaya Aegyo

    I can't lie, Jihyo's was definitely the best for me LOL Mina is second place and Dahyun's is funniest
  13. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    I watch at Kshow123, since everywhere else is subbed badly So far episode 2 isn't even complete yet Only 1/3 of the episode is subbed You can also follow it on Idol School discord where they provide live translation and the stream link
  14. That time when Dahyun ate a banana and they posted it on Twicetagram.