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  1. KetchupOppa

    [INFO][Yonhap News Agency] TWICE to hold concerts in Seoul in May

    I might be too early but where are the tickets sold? I'm an EU Once with dreams and want to go for the first time
  2. That time when Dahyun ate a banana and they posted it on Twicetagram.
  3. I like Dahyun's side profile the most
  4. KetchupOppa

    [GAME] Yum or eww

    Not yet! Yumm KFC chicken
  5. KetchupOppa

    [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    Never When was the last time you bought groceries?
  6. KetchupOppa

    [GAME] True or False Game

    True! I'm a hardcore Sone and Lovelinus too but like Twice the most. I also like other group but these 3 the most. The person below should be studying but is procrastinating.
  7. KetchupOppa

    [GAME] True or False Game

    True The person below is eating right now
  8. KetchupOppa

    [GAME] One word story

  9. KetchupOppa

    ♡ The Official MiChaeng (Mina & Chaeyoung) Thread ♡

    Thanks for sharing the vid. My heart cant take this anymore me rn
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