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  1. Ships member Twice with another kpop boy group

    None at least, not for now.
  2. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Mina Chaeyoung Tzuyu The silent trio LOL
  3. I should've registered when I had the chance The total price really held me back. Dang it, I regret it now.
  4. Can't actually listen to Twice on Spotify except #Twice Japanese album. So most of them are YouTube to mp3 converter and I put them on my Spotify Premium playlist LOL. Let's say I have 23 Twice songs. It's really messy on my playlist so posting a pic will take a while.
  5. Rewatching some Twice stuff Following Idol School and Wanna One
  6. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice's Oppaya Aegyo

    I can't lie, Jihyo's was definitely the best for me LOL Mina is second place and Dahyun's is funniest
  7. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    I watch at Kshow123, since everywhere else is subbed badly So far episode 2 isn't even complete yet Only 1/3 of the episode is subbed You can also follow it on Idol School discord where they provide live translation and the stream link
  8. That time when Dahyun ate a banana and they posted it on Twicetagram.
  9. I like Dahyun's side profile the most
  10. [DISCUSSION] Who would be awkward in a sexy concept?

    If I had to choose anyone, it would be dubububu She's too hilariously relatable overall
  11. [DISCUSSION] TWICE TV5 is ending!

    Twice TV5 was hilarious from beginning to end Hope they do TEPL 2 next time, we need more!!
  12. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    Haein, Natty and Jiwon have my vote Poor Haein's vocal test didn't go as well because she had a cold and is very nervous. I kinda disliked her during PD101 at first I wish the best for everyone on Idol School.
  13. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread