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  1. [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    Top Left: Selcas - Nayeon Top Right: Selcas - Tzuyu Bottom Left: Selcas - Mina Bottom Right: Selcas - Momo
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    Username: NayeonBunnyIsMyBias Post Count: 2,800 Award Requesting: "One More Time" - Nayeon
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    So so so pretty!
  4. [JEONGYEONIST/POLL] Jeongyeon or Jungyeon?

  5. omg her phonecase yes XD

    Woah, so pretty! I love how you did the nicknames.
  7. Hello! [Intro]

    Hiya, @Hellogoodbyeanon! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  8. Annyeong!

    Hi, @chichard ! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  9. hi!

    Heyo, @jihyooh! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  10. Are my eyes being so sad over her retirement or is your profile picture JinE?


  11. [SANAIST/GIF] Sana's Changes

    Yeah, she definitely does change a lot each comeback. She loses a lot of weight, too.