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  1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [DISCUSSION] Misheard Twice Lyrics

    I have heard many things in twice songs, and here you can share some words that you have misheard! One main one is in the song "Headphone" I hear them say "As long as I got my applesauce"
  2. Getting used to these new emotes is hard :ny-ew:

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    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      Eyyyy your back nayeonbunny how are you?  Too bad we I can't talk to you like before cause I need to focus on my studies but I know we can see and talk again in the future :dh-nice:

    3. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      They removed so many unique ones that I didn't think were up for elimination, it's ridiculous. :ty-haha:

    4. dailydahyun
  3. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [MINAIST] Mina's Tongue Habit

  4. your phone is blessed
  5. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    I'll take both please~
  6. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [OFFICIAL] Yoo Jeongyeon (유정연) Spazz Thread!

    I'm loving her hair for Dance The Night Away!
  7. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Hello! So this game is basically last letter, but you use song titles instead! (It's a bit difficult) It would go like this: Person 1: Cheer Up - Twice Person 2: Playing with Fire - BLACKPINK So, let's begin. First song: Knock Knock - TWICE
  8. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [OFFICIAL] Myoui Mina (미나) Spazz Thread!

    Mina with bangs omg
  9. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [FAN EDIT] i made this for dahyun's birthday :3

    omg it's so gooooood I love it
  10. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


  11. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    Top Left: "TT" - Nayeon Top Right: "TT" - Tzuyu Bottom Left: "What is Love" - Sana Bottom Right: "Signal" - Sana
  12. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    Username: NayeonBunnyIsMyBias Award requesting: Selcas - Dahyun
  13. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: NayeonBunnyIsMyBias Post count: 3,000 Award requesting: “What is Love” - Sana
  14. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [MINAIST/PIC] Your Daily Mina

    I’ve been blessed
  15. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [NAYEONIST] Where can i get this hat

    I think we all need that hat