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Everything posted by NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

  1. [GAME] Signal Countdown To 0

    I don't think this was made yet, so why not (?) Anways, it's like the other countdowns. Try and get your song down to 0! Signal - 1000 하루에 세번 (Three Times A Day) - 999 Only 너 (Only You) - 1000 Hold Me Tight - 1000 Eye Eye Eyes - 1000 Someone Like Me - 1000 Let's begin! Rules: You can't post again until someone else has
  2. Squirrel so cute~ And omg Dahyun xD
  3. [OFFICIAL] Park Jihyo (박지효) Spazz Thread!

    I love the floofy skirt
  4. [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Hello! So this game is basically last letter, but you use song titles instead! (It's a bit difficult) It would go like this: Person 1: Cheer Up - Twice Person 2: Playing with Fire - BLACKPINK So, let's begin. First song: Knock Knock - TWICE
  5. I noticed there wasn't a thread for Sana gifs (?) so I decided to make one! Share all your Sana gifs here, and get sent to shahalla land Here are some gifs for now:
  6. My school is doing a musical for the Lion King and I got in yayy

    I may only be a background character, but I get to sing in almost every song. I'm also just happy to be part of something!

    1. Phebe


      My school is doing Shrek xD

      I'm angry because the director told me that I was going to get an amazing role and I got a cameo character uGGHHH

  7. She looks like a princess
  8. [OFFICIAL] Yoo Jeongyeon (유정연) Spazz Thread!

    I love this curly hair!~
  9. First time here!!

    Heyo, @John Resco ! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  10. One in a million! Hello!

    Hi, @tzumina! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  11. YAY my girlfriend   @MinaThePenguin is back!

    Also, make adorable child @MyiMina happy pleasez

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    2. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      @JokbalManiaMomo Mina the peguij came back to TTF 

    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      @Cupcake Cupid yeah but we haven't chat on chatbox right now maybe our time doesn't meet hahahah 

    4. MyiMina


      omo cakie so cuteeee

  12. [JIHYOIST/GIF] Jihyo Gif Thread

    Share your Jihyo gifs here!
  13. Jeongyeon leaves or Chaeyoung leaves the group ? ~ Jeongyeon Make Momo cry or never go to a TWICE concert ? ~ Make Momo cry Hurt Mina's feelings or harshly reject Nayeon's confession ? ~ Hurt Mina's feelings Threaten TWICE or be a thrice for the rest of your life ? ~ Be a thrice for the rest of my life (Aren't they pretty much the same tho?) See Sana involved in a car accident or see TWICE disbanding ? ~ TWICE disbanding Cheat on Jihyo or have Dahyun cheating on you ? ~ Dahyun cheat on me Dump Tzuyu or get dumped by Nayeon ? ~ Get dumped by Nayeon Get caught cheating by Mina or catch Jeongyeon cheating on you ? (lolol cheating/dumping everywhere) ~ catch Jeongyeon cheating on me Save Chaeyoung, or save Momo from dying ? ~ Chaeyoung Manipulate Sana or being manipulated by Jihyo ? ~ What does that big word mean? Um, manipulate Sana? Have your crush Dahyun dating your best friend or your sibling ? Dating sibling (Easier for me to stalk tbh xD) Make Jeongyeon hate you or make Mina hate you ? ~ Jeongyeon hate me Insult Tzuyu or have Jeongyeon's parents insult you ? ~ Jeongyeon's parents insult me Have Chaeyoung seeing you cry or have Sana seeing you cry ? ~ Chaeyoung Jihyo donating her heart to you or Nayeon donating her heart to you ? ~ Nayeon Never meet Dahyun or never meet Momo ? ~ Never meet Momo Break a promise you made with Mina or Tzuyu ? ~ Tzuyu Push Jeongyeon and hurt her or push Nayeon and hurt her ? ~ Push Jeongyeon and hurt her Make Momo or Chaeyoung angry at you ? ~ Momo Spread a horrible rumor about Nayeon or Sana ? ~ Sana Ruin Jihyo's career or ruin Dahyun's career ? ~ Dahyun's Slap Chaeyoung or slap Tzuyu ? ~ Chaeyoung Accidentally kill Mina or Nayeon ? ~ Nayeon Be best friends with Jeongyeon but the unnie-line hates you forever, or be best-friends with Dahyun but the maknae-line hates you forever ? ~ maknae line Be the reason why Sana is sad or Tzuyu ? ~ Sana Be in a long distance relationship with Momo even though you guys struggle with the distance between you two or break Nayeon's heart to keep her from feeling lonely because of the distance between you two ? ~ The Momo one Have Chaeyoung crying, begging you to not leave or have Mina grow silent when you ask her if she doesn't love you anymore ? ~ Chaeyoung one Come home to see Jihyo packing her stuff, saying she's leaving you or come home to see Dahyun, already gone and has left you a goodbye note on the table ? ~ Dahyun one Run into Momo and her new boyfriend/girlfriend after a messy breakup or bump into Sana just as you finally got over her? ~ Sana Would you rather just arrive at the airport only to be a few seconds too late to see Tzuyu off or get disconnected on the phone with Jihyo just as she was going to tell you that she would come back for you? ~ Jihyo
  14. THE STORY BEGINS | Who would you/Would you rather - TWICE EDITION

    Confess love to you ? Dahyun or Mina ? ~ Mina Have your picture drawn by Chaeyoung or Jeongyeon sing your favorite song for you? ~ Have my picture drawn by Chaeyoung Have a date with Tzuyu, Momo or Jihyo ? ~Tzuyu Be married to Nayeon and Onces hates you or not have any relationship with her and be loved again ? ~ Be married to Nayeon and Onces hate you Oversleep and miss important concert or your date w/ your bias ? ~ Important concert Mad at you for a week Jeongyeon or Sana ? ~ Jeongyeon Take selcas w/ 8 members and ignore Mina or Chaeyoung ? ~ Mina Meet your bias or meet everyone but your bias? ~ Meet everyone but my bias (I don't really have a bias so idk if that counts xD) Be poor and love TWICE or be extremely rich and forget everything about them? ~ Be poor and love TWICE Go to one of their concerts or a fan meeting? ~ A fan meeting See your OTP get together or have TWICE release a lot of mv's/ songs in one day? ~ See your OTP get together Have a one sided love where Momo or Tzuyu loves you more than you love them? ~ Have a one sided love where Tzuyu loves you more than you love them See TWICE with BTS or SNSD ? ~ SNSD Go on a vacation with Sana while wearing a squirrel costume or Mina while wearing a ketchup costume ? ~ Squirrel costume Sneak into concert and get caught or their dorm and get caught ? ~ their dorm and get caught Have Jihyo or Dahyun comfort you when you are sad? ~ Jihyo Eat big meals with Momo or ride a horse with Nayeon ? ~ Food with Momo If you were the 10th member would you have long hair , guy short (like Jeongyeon, Amber or Sunny ), minzy short, or mid way ? ~ Mid way (aka my hair rn) be friends with the J-line (Momo Sana Mina ) or the Maknae-line (Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu) ? ~ Maknae line See you naked ? Jeongyeon or Jihyo ? ~ Jihyo Meet TWICE and forget to brush your teeth or wear deodorant ? ~ forget to brush my teeth Kiss Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun or Tzuyu ? ~ Tzuyu pls Dancing with Momo, Nayeon or Sana ? ~ Nayeon A duet with Chaeyoung or Jeongyeon ? ~Chaeyoung Want TWICE to be alone and sad for ONCEs or Dating and Happy with ONCEs support ? ~ Dating and happy with ONCEs support Sing karaoke w/ your bias or go on a shopping spree w/ TWICE but your bias ? ~ Sing karaoke with my bias Break your bias heart or crush your bias lifetime dreams ? ~ Break biases heart One of the TWICE members swear at you in Korean, Nayeon or Tzuyu ? ~ Nayeon Share a bed with MiChaeng (Mina x Chaeyoung) or SaTzu (Sana x Tzuyu) ? ~ SaTzu And finally... your bias remembers your name or your face ? ~ Faceu
  15. I love her hair
  16. You're my favorite Jihyo loving Nozomi obsessed person on TTF xD

    1. Phebe
    2. Beanie


      I am touched :jh-myheart:Thank you, dear smol :jh-gj:

      @Phebe :jh-1inamil:

  17. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    I'd be the maknae cause that's most likely for me xD Would you rather go on a date with Chaeyoung or Mina?
  18. Spoiler

    Inspired by @MyiMina

    My TTF biases: @MyiMina @MinaThePenguin @Lovely puppy @Yeongie 윤기 @Shyness 

    TTF bias wreckers: @Plume @chaerrybear @ZackZachary @Cupcake Cupid @Twice's Bias @TzuyuIsMyLovE❤ @DubusLover @JokbalManiaMomo @OnceUponAStar @Kh3ngboon @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu  @a.h. @kawaiionceprinces13  and much more~!

    Everyone on TTF is so kind :mm-heart:  ty myimina for this idea ily

    Anywaysssssssssss while some of these people may not really know who I ammmm  wow rip I still find them super kind and a big part of this community yey

    ily all :chu: now pls dont hate me for tagging you im innocent child


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    2. OnceUponAStar


      Omo! :ny-look: How did I become one of your bias wreckers? :cy-omo:

    3. Shyness
    4. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤



  19. [GAME] The Ctrl + V Thread

  20. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    One on one convo with my bias idc if I fail Chinese xD Would you rather talk to your ult bias privately or talk to your whole bias group?
  21. [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    Not sure When was the last time you listened to a boy group?