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  1. *waiting and hoping someone will upload Brand New Girl fancam on TWICELAND Zone 2 : Fantasy Park Japan Day 1*:dh-heh:

    1. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      Hahahaha @Jokballet same here:sn-lol: btw have gone to the TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park Japan? did you go there?:ny-look:

    2. Jokballet


      Nah, i didn't go there, just hearing through audio stream:dh-heh:

    3. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      Hahahaha same didn't go:dh-heh: but i only saw the news :ny-lol:

  2. FMV with TWICE's reaction : alicenoob9 Ending speeches with eng translation : cr : Dorko Sana
  3. Jokballet

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    And a part time mafia boss Just remembered that you are my boss, its normal for a boss to know their underling's name
  4. Jokballet

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    #exposed you are one special bear to know my name because not that many know my name Anyway congratz on your 2nd year and thanks for your contribution as a mod on ttf and cheers !
  5. Was thinking why sana, momo and mina wasn't on the list, but then remembered they are not korean girl
  6. Probably it was for fun or mission maybe, they do something on that part for the last 3 perf.
  7. Jokballet

    [VID] 180428 Gag Concert - TWICE Cut Eng Sub

    Only 4 of them that was invited(or was sent to) as a guest.
  8. Download & Streaming Link : RapidVideo OpenLoad Cr : KShowOnline
  9. Dahyun, Sana, Mina, Jihyo : Sana & Mina : Dahyun : Jihyo :