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  1. Performance Link 3rd win speech : Encore :
  2. Jokballet

    Korea Music Festival 2018

    TWICE is confirmed as one of the line-up for KFM 2018 and is scheduled to perform on day one, which is August 1st. More info regarding the event can be found here :
  3. Performance : First Win Speech + Encore : cr : TWICE GOT STRAY
  4. Rehearsal Dance The Night Away : Cheer Up: Performance Dance The Night Away : Cheer Up : cr : Spinel Cam, Mera, Rock Music
  5. Jokballet

    KCON LA 2018

    TWICE will perform on KCON LA, which will be held at 10th - 12th August.
  6. Jokballet

    JTBC Kim Je Dong 'Talk To You 2'

    TWICE will make an appearance on a talk show 'Talk To You 2' on JTBC at 9:30pm KST. More info about the event can be found here :
  7. Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu cr : Naver
  8. This plagiarism thing is getting annoying, people that always compare this kind of things surely never see what real plagiarism is. And other group doing the same concept doesn't mean they copying others because no one owns a concept. With this kind of mindset, pretty sure kpop will be gone in few years because all concept have been done by older kpop group.
  9. Jokballet

    [instiz] The prettiest Japanese in the whole history

    She's not the prettiest, she's one of the prettiest in history, the others are sana and momo
  10. Yeah, just noticed, thanks for reminding me
  11. Solo Fancam : Mina Focused : jeongyeon Focus : Tzuyu Focus :