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  1. [VID] 180111 TWICE @32nd Golden Disk Award - Day 2

    Here : This one included both days performance in one vid, 2nd day perf starts at 7:47. Enjoy
  2. Red Carpet : Waiting Room : Backstage : Perf : Awards Winning :

    Agree with most of the comments there, anime is very important in Japan culture, thats why it is a clever way from the company to include anime on their mv, pretty sure many new fans that is otaku will become once because of this I-onces may not like this, but this is gold there for J-onces
  4. [VID] TWICE「Candy Pop」Music Video

    Personally i think the song is so damn good, but for the mv, yeah gotta agree with some that said this is not the best they've done (this is not the kind for me to watch over and over, like their other mv). But still it's good that they put some animation into it for japanese market. And some people actually would love this so much because there are many onces that also watched Love Live. Overall the mv not that bad because it was aimed for J-Onces (pretty sure they nailed it) and the song? One of my fave so far
  5. Perf : P.s : Will change to official upload once it uploaded.
  6. Day 1 : Chaeyoung CY: My favourite fruit is apple. Jeongyeon unnie, what is your favourite ice cream? Day 2 : Jeongyeon JY: I like chocolate ice cream. Sana-yah, what is your favourite colour? Day 3 : Sana SN: I like purple colour. What is Jihyo's favourite flower? Day 4 : Jihyo JH: The flower I like the most recently, zzan! It's this yellow flower. So what is the song that Mina listen to the most recently? Day 5 : Mina MN : The song that I enjoy listen to recently is senior Red Velvet "Peek-A-Boo". Tzuyu-ah, what is your most confident personal skill? Day 6 : Tzuyu TY: I can move my ears. Dahyun unnie, what is your hobby? Day 7 : Dahyun DH : My hobby is playing piano. Nayeon-unnie, what is your favorite fashion item? Day 8 : Nayeon NY : Recently i like to wear shoes , Momo-ah, what do you do during free days? Day 9 : Momo MM: I sleep during free days.
  7. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username : Jokballet Requesting to swap the awards shown : All awards shown swap to custom awards with the original order, custom award #1-#4.
  8. If i was him, not only cram school, i'd even miss my own wedding, or even a date just to have dinner with one of TWICE's member, like seriously what's the chance of them going to dinner at your house? I'd do everything for that
  9. Seriously, out of her many short hair style, this era's hairstyle is her best. Look so damn gorgeous and elegant. my least fave was jeongyeon Look at her now, damn pretty. And yeah her facial expression on stage is perfect nowadays
  10. Download or watch link : Google Drive cr : SQ K-Pop
  11. [DISCUSSION] For fanboys only

    Well for me, i simply say that i like beautiful girls, and they are so damn beautiful, therefore i like them. I didn't mention music and all, just their faces and body is enough to shut them . That usually ended that kind of argument, or at least for me. Actually it is even weirder about anime, where nowadays boys like an anime with girls, and girls like anime with boys, when back then, it is the opposite, but it''s not like that is embarrassing, every person have their own liking, like others said, just ignore if you don't want to argue.
  12. Happy New Year fellow onces :jh-cheer:

    1. kz.suweeg


      Happy New Year~:jh-1inamil:

  13. [VID] 171231 TWICE @ 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

    Oh my god their part changes, why am i feeling that this one is better than the original one? This performance is just perfect They slay their parts, and damn Dahyun, i'm in love with vocal dubu This will shut haters mouth, except if they actually think that their talking part is also lipsynced Indeed best way to end 2017