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Shy Shy Shy

The Story Begins
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  1. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    oh oops i forgot abt that thx
  2. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    OK! I FINALLY KNOW! sorry this took so long current username: Shy Shy Shy requested username: creamy
  3. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    actually, please don't change it to this either. sorry i can't make up my mind lol
  4. hi

    deep voice is here to save the day

    1. Shyness


      DEEP VOIICE :cy-fluffy:

    2. Shy Shy Shy

      Shy Shy Shy


      it is deep voice

  5. does anyone know some good kpop websites i should join? i'm on a bts site and a rv site but they're dead.. so cri

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Aren't we all on Bangtan Base? lol jk @Shy Shy Shy And I both have account but we're never active on them so rip 

    3. Shy Shy Shy

      Shy Shy Shy

      @JeongJeong ye but i hate my username and i'm never active lol

    4. #ONCE


      I know that @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias is on BBase lol what's your u/n @ShyShyShy?

  6. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    ok, now i know what i want! lol current: Shy Shy Shy requested: dERPYsHIBAiNU
  7. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    actually please don't change it
  8. pinguuu

    i'm not allowed to have discord anymoreeee 

    cri cri cri :sn-tt:

  9. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    current: Shy Shy Shy requested: squirrelysana thank you!
  10. When I read your username, I automatically sing :sn-shy: ♫ 친구를 만나느라 샤샤샤 (shy shy shy) ♫ !