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The Story Begins
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  1. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Early Summer Trane ESM K-Pop Mixtape
  2. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Thanks for the support hope you can keep enjoying. Here's my newest work of 2018. Trane NT K-Pop Mixtape
  3. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Tropical Autumn Trane TRA KPOP Mixtape
  4. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Urban Feel For Fall Trane URBF K-Pop Mixtape
  5. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Beginnning Of Autumn Trane BA K-Pop Mixtape
  6. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    The End Of Summer https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-eos-kpop-mixtape
  7. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    A Summer Night's Drive https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-smnr-kpop-mixtape
  8. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Holiday Vibes https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-hldn-kpop-mixtape
  9. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    New fresh songs from summer 2017 not much focus on groups though, mostly the solo singers who have been really putting it out there and some good indie, Hope you enjoy. Trane SMMD KPOP Mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-smmd-kpop-mixtape
  10. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    New mixtape that is full remixed songs from the past summer so you can give a start to this early summer's nights. Trane ENS KPOP Mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-ens-kpop-mixtape
  11. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    Newest Mixtape It's the beginning of the summer and I present a new and fresh mixtape for that ocean drive you're planning this weekend. Trane OCND KPOP Mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/trane658/trane-ocnd-kpop-mixtape
  12. Momo with Bangs, because she gets this girlish look that really suits her, without them she looks very mature and not the pabo momo we know
  13. trane658

    ♥ The Offfical TzuMo (Tzuyo & Momo) Thread ♥

    I like how they were all like "Let's end this!" XD
  14. trane658

    [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  15. trane658

    JAPANESE LINE :: J-Trinity

    MOMO! Sana and Mina~~ True friendship goals, ^^