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Hellooooooooooo and welcome to my profile! My name is Kae and I'm a stan of Miss Myoui Mina (since sixteen era actually ^^). As well as being whipped for Twice(they're my ults), I'm a hardcore multifandom stan. I've been a kpop stan since like 2011. Outside of kpop, I also stan Dua Lipa. MiMo is the superior otp if you ask me. I'm like emotionally attached to TSB, TCL1, and Twicetagram. and my favorite Twice songs(lowkey from each album), hands down, are Candy Boy, Headphones, Next Page, Someone Like Me, 24/7, Wake Me Up, Ho! and Shot Thru The Heart!!

ps:  I swear, even though I'm not really active on here, I keep up with Twice like my life depend on it.